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The orange man cometh Trump tightens his grip on the GOP Kerry Wakefield [Getty Images] Kerry Wakefield 13 August 2022 9:00 AM Wailing, gnashing of teeth and near-foaming at the mouth broke out among US media pundits last week as a new horror reared over the land – the dastardly ‘election-denier’. The elites’ pundit JoeContinue reading Features Australia

Don’t walk on the grass in Germany

Aug 11 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews Letter to the Editor I lived in Germany for a year, and spent a fair amount of time with the Germans, but I soon noticed, how a large proportion of their population exhibited an equal admixture of intelligence, combined with downright naivety, often bordering on stupidity. On closer inspection,Continue reading “Don’t walk on the grass in Germany”


Wadeye: Failed State as Cultural Triumph 1st July 2022 Comments (15) Patrick McCauley The politically expedient and prideful apology from Kevin Rudd to all Aboriginal people on behalf of all Australians angered me. That it was so popular drove me to despair. I cannot shake off the feeling that this current fad amongst left-wing governmentsContinue reading “Society”


Trapped inside Australia’s vast child abuse network (Part 1) By Fiona Barnett | 9 May 2014, 6:00pm | 197 comments | 81,179 | In the first part of a heartbreaking, yet inspiring, three part account, child abuse victim Fiona Barnett details the shocking systematic abuse she saw and was subjected to from an early age, along with her battleContinue reading “Crime”


Lessons from the Hannah Clarke Inquest 28th April 2022 Comments (5) Bettina Arndt Three months prior to the appalling homicide of Hannah Clarke and her children (above), Clarke visited her local police station concerned about her husband’s behaviour, particularly following the break-up of their marriage.  She spoke to Senior Constable Kirsten Kent, who told theContinue reading “QED”

What Lies Below Pine Gap Australia?

Pine Gap, Australia is the largest CIA NRO facility outside of the USA. Located deep in the outback near Alice Springs the base staffs up to 1000 people including members of US Army, US Air Force, 704th military Intel, and 743rd Intelligence Battalion Marine Cryptologic command. Hillary Clinton owns financial holdings in major military contractorsContinue reading “What Lies Below Pine Gap Australia?”

Russia bans 287 lying, British politicians from entering the country for promoting “unwarranted Russophobic hysteria”

Apr 28 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews by Alison Ryan The truth of NATO provocation against Russia still needs to be stated amidst the plethora of USA and UK and European propaganda. Putin promised to finish what he called the “special military operation” to seize territory from Ukraine, which Moscow considers historically to be Russian. HeContinue reading “Russia bans 287 lying, British politicians from entering the country for promoting “unwarranted Russophobic hysteria””

Western Hegemony’s Collapse

Demographics Push China-India-Russia Triple Entente April 26, 2022Algora Blog1 Comment Spread the Word by SPENGLER There are numerous examples of the bitterest of enemies turning into unlikely allies, precisely because they present too great a danger to each other.Britain and Russia spent most of the 19th century contending in the “Great Game” over India. Britain built theContinue reading Western Hegemony’s Collapse

Military Confrontation

Why Russia’s Intervention in Ukraine is Legal Under International Law April 23, 2022Algora BlogLeave a comment Spread the Word By Daniel Kovalik via RT Daniel Kovalik teaches International Human Rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and is author of the recently-releasedNo More War: How the West Violates International Law by Using “Humanitarian”Continue reading Military Confrontation

Saving Ukrainians from Themselves

More on the shenanigans of the West April 13, 2022Algora BlogLeave a comment Spread the Word [Forwarded from That Deer] https://t.me/c/1262772134/10425 The last ‘dove’ of peace. From the blabbermouth Macron no longer picks up the phone in the Kremlin, let him get elected first. Erdogan’s friend turned out “suddenly”, agents Abramovich and Chubais after IstanbulContinue reading Saving Ukrainians from Themselves