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In Virus Veritas

26th September 2021 Comments (32) Peter Smith Frequent contributor This virus has sickened and often times killed the old and vulnerable. That is the least of what it has delivered. It has delivered despotism, police brutality, journalistic delinquency, and lies, deceptions and misinformation; and, most depressingly, the truth about the parlous state of our civilisation.Continue reading “In Virus Veritas”

The Bible, Social Justice and the Poor

26th September 2021 Comments (3) Andrew Lansdown “Social justice” was traditionally the rallying cry of the politically Left and the theologically liberal. But in recent years it has been increasingly taken up by evangelical, conservative and Bible-believing Christians; and it is increasingly drawing these Christians into the folds of left-wing politics and liberal theology. TheContinue reading “The Bible, Social Justice and the Poor”


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