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Bennelong Papers

The Unsinkable Child-Stealing Myth 12th October 2021 Comments (19) Tony Thomas A bit of judicial biffo goes on all the time as appeal courts rule on whether a trial judge got it right or wrong. A case in point is the High Court’s unanimous critique last year of two Victorian appeal judges who sent theContinue reading “Bennelong Papers”


Mask and You Shall Deceive 11th October 2021 Comments (24) Peter Smith Frequent contributor Disappointments are part of life. One particular class of disappointments concerns conservative politicians who after attaining power go to water. Or, in the case of Boris Johnson, turn out to be a one-trick wonder. Brexit done, nothing much left that isn’tContinue reading “QED”

Much Pain for Net Zero Gain

13th October 2021 Comments (6) Alan Moran It is this simple: skyrocketing world electricity prices stem from renewables policies. Notwithstanding the avalanche of propaganda we are seeing throughout the country, no wind or solar gets built anywhere in the world without subsidies paid by taxpayers and customers.  In Australia’s case these costs are $10 billionContinue reading “Much Pain for Net Zero Gain”


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