©Maree Suira Most horses have gone, from the Plains of Kosciuszko. After years of trapping, not many brumbies remain. I was leaving for the Plains, I would go by car then trek the brumby trails I remember by heart loaded up, for no horses are allowed in Kosciuszko National Park. What am I doing here?Continue reading “WEEP, FOR WHAT YOU HAVE FOREVER LOST”

Welcome to Country, Farewell to Australia

Peter Smith Frequent contributor I’d like to begin by acknowledging the Traditional Owners of the land on which I drink my coffee and write today. I would also like to pay my respects to Elders past and present. I understand that this kind of mawkish acknowledgement of country “is a demonstration of respect for theContinue reading “Welcome to Country, Farewell to Australia”

Australians need to remember Ben Roberts-Smith finding was not a criminal case

Saturday Morning Herald columnist Steve Price says Australians need to remember the Ben Roberts-Smith trial was a defamation case with no criminal prosecution. “We must remember this is a civil defamation case with no criminal prosecution of the evidence not tested at all and it should not be used to erase the acts of bravery,”Continue reading “Australians need to remember Ben Roberts-Smith finding was not a criminal case”

Snowy Brumby Photography Adventures with Michelle and Ian

esdpnotSorl5h9c82g329igg7mlmh48hamt39t0c19m9ga14165f983l06l1   · Hi all Our brumbies are rapidly being removed from the mtns ,they are either being shot and left to rot where they fall (yes in waterways ,I have video footage)or passively trapped.The lucky ones are picked up by rehomers, the unlucky ones will end up at the slaughterhouse and I cant evenContinue reading “Snowy Brumby Photography Adventures with Michelle and Ian”

Blackfellas will police all farming activities in Western Australia and charge a fee

Date: June 2, 2023Author: Editor, cairnsnews 3 Comments https://t.co/ZgTTPPCSYC Labor Premier Mark McGowan has fled parliament it would appear before this draconian farming legislation hits the deck. WA farmers will have to get permission from blackfellas before ploughing any ground. This is totally impractical for farming and farmers and there would several million acres ofContinue reading “Blackfellas will police all farming activities in Western Australia and charge a fee”

Ben Roberts-Smith a Hero of the First Order

“any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone .” Ben didn’t stand a chance against the corruption of govt and media stacked against him- We will never know the conditions that they endured and  we can only imagine the deprivation, despair and longing for family that lived with themContinue reading “Ben Roberts-Smith a Hero of the First Order”


I Grew Up in Mortdale 2223 Born #OnThisDay Saturday 27 May 1815, Australian politician and the ‘Father of Federation’, Sir Henry Parkes, was born in Warwickshire, England. It’s a little known fact that Henry Parkes was one of Sydney’s early whistle-blowers, calling out corruption in the colonial customs service. He arrived in Sydney in 1839,Continue reading “PICTURES IN HISTORY”

Australian Fiona Barnett ‘The Candy Girl’ Documentary Satanic Child Abuse (01:19:33)

Fiona was prostituted as a child to peadophile parties at Parliament House – Prostituted to an international political leader at Fairbairn Military Airport, Canberra. Fiona testifies how she was abused all throughout her childhood, by the top politicians of Australia. When she tried to report it, she found even more trauma. No matter where sheContinue reading “Australian Fiona Barnett ‘The Candy Girl’ Documentary Satanic Child Abuse (01:19:33)”

US Marshals rescue 225 children from trafficking

Flat White Getty Images Flat White 28 May 2023 5:45 PM Child trafficking is a scourge most consign to the third world, but it has become a serious issue for the United States, fuelled by open borders as criminals smuggle kids into Mexico or pass them between criminal gangs within the US where they faceContinue reading “US Marshals rescue 225 children from trafficking”


Let them Live Written by Mandy Fanelli of BRUMBIES Inspire Me The silence was deafening The mountains were eerie, Reflections of moon beams Mother Earth became teary. The flurries of snowflakes Falling on bodies littering the land, Stone cold to touch These innocents murdered by man. The wind rustled the leaves An owl looked outContinue reading “AUSTRALIAN WILD HORSES”

Does a ‘Pride progress’ flag really make rugby more inclusive?

Gavin Mortimer Israel Folau (Credit: Getty images) Gavin Mortimer 26 May 2023 10:37 PM The Rugby Football Union will fly the ‘Pride Progress’ flag at Twickenham this weekend, when a World XV team play the Barbarians invitational side. According to the Daily Telegraph, the RFU’s decision is ‘in response to the selection of Israel Folau’Continue reading “Does a ‘Pride progress’ flag really make rugby more inclusive?”

Who do you think you are?

Flat White Deb Newell Getty Images Deb Newell 29 May 2023 6:00 AM The popular and long-running BBC/SBS program Who do you think you are? reaches back into written histories, stored documents, and family anecdotes found through to DNA profiling to find out where celebrities really got their skills and personalities from. This hereditary curiosity isContinue reading “Who do you think you are?”

Rainforests in Beautiful Australia

The rainforest in Australia is unlike any other. From epic bridges that will leave you in awe while you’re surrounded by tall trees to national parks that let you explore on your own, seeing an Australian rainforest is an experience that will stick with you forever. If you want to hear all about the AustralianContinue reading “Rainforests in Beautiful Australia”


Bogus Identity and Constitutional Change Keith Windschuttle Editor-in-chiefEditor, Quadrant Magazinekeithwindschuttle@quadrant.org.au In July 2000, Allen Appo of Bundaberg, Queensland, was charged in the Townsville Magis­trates Court with a breach of the Fisheries Act by illegally catching undersized and female mud crabs. He was represented by Townsville Aboriginal Legal Aid who argued that, because Appo was Aboriginal,Continue reading “Aborigines”

No Voice can fix this chaos

People are dying as politicians ignore the real problems afflicting Aboriginal communities Features Australia John-Paul Baladi Getty Images John-Paul Baladi 20 May 2023 9:00 AM Having recently returned ‘down south’ from almost a year spent living and working in the Northern Territory, I could not be more opposed to the proposed Voice to Parliament. LikeContinue reading “No Voice can fix this chaos”

Phony welcome to country not welcome at Anzac service

Date: May 25, 2023Author: Editor, cairnsnews 7 Comments Letter to the Editor Many attended the dawn ANZAC Day Memorial Services to honour and remember our fallen heroes, a solemn time for all Australians to reflect and remember those who fought to defend our nation and maintain the democratic freedoms we enjoy this day. Lest WeContinue reading “Phony welcome to country not welcome at Anzac service”