Harry, Meghan and the troubling erasure of Christmas

World Jake Wallis Simons [Getty] Jake Wallis Simons 19 December 2022 7:30 PM H and M – no, the other brand – are causing trouble again. ‘Sussexes send out Happy Woke-mas card to friends’, griped the Mail on Sunday. Their crime? Wishing friends a ‘Joyful Holiday Season’ rather than a more traditional Merry Christmas. GivenContinue reading “Harry, Meghan and the troubling erasure of Christmas”

Life is hard for Bethlehem’s Christians

World Melanie McDonagh (Credit: Getty images) Melanie McDonagh 23 December 2022 5:45 PM O Little Town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie: except the place is, in fact, buzzing in the run-up to Christmas. I had to squeeze between groups of American tourists to get into the little Church of the Nativity, builtContinue reading “Life is hard for Bethlehem’s Christians”

A Christmas tree vs. the fringe gender activists

Flat White Rod Lampard Pexels Rod Lampard 26 December 2022 10:00 AM Authorities in the little town of Dedham Massachusetts went into damage control this week after abandoning the town’s decades-long tradition of displaying a Christmas tree in the local library. Gobsmacked by the news, branch supervisor, Lisa Desmond said: ‘I found out today that my beautiful library willContinue reading “A Christmas tree vs. the fringe gender activists”

10 reasons why Santa Claus is a Communist

Flat White Arthur Chrenkoff Arthur Chrenkoff 24 December 2019 7:07 PM Bah-humbug! Sorry people to snow on your parade (or should it be “sorry, snowflakes to rain on your parade”) but there is something you should know about the supposedly jolly good fellow who brings you presents once a year:  he is really a communist.Continue reading “10 reasons why Santa Claus is a Communist”

‘Away with the Manger’: Christmas hijacked by politics

Flat White Away with the manger; no wisemen from afar; the little Lord Jesus; replaced by Indigenous art! Brianna McKee Photo: Flat White Editor Brianna McKee 24 December 2022 10:00 AM Imagine Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building bulldozed into rubble. That was the likely fate of the historic structure in the 1960s before a massive restorationContinue reading “‘Away with the Manger’: Christmas hijacked by politics”

How Dickens invented Christmas

World William Cook William Cook 18 December 2022 5:30 PM Time was, the Christmas shopping season used to last a week or two. Now it drags on for months. Never mind wage inflation – what about present inflation? The whole thing is like a gigantic poker game, where the stakes are raised remorselessly every year.Continue reading “How Dickens invented Christmas”

Is Christmas really a pagan festival?World

World Francis Young Bringing Home the Yule Log by A. Hunt (Getty) Francis Young 23 December 2022 9:00 PM It’s as much a part of the season now as baubles, tinsel and the Christmas Number One: those articles, blogs and memes that pop up during the festive season claiming that Christmas, in spite of theContinue reading “Is Christmas really a pagan festival?World”

An Australian Christmas

Flat White Alexandra Marshall Getty Images Alexandra Marshall 24 December 2022 2:30 PM When I was small, Christmas meant visiting my nan in St Ives. Her house existed in a state of chaos, overflowing with small, brightly-wrapped presents. They sat in sacks between the antique couches and lay in piles that had slouched against theContinue reading “An Australian Christmas”

ALed Jones sings ‘O Holy Night’ with star 12-year-old treble in Christmas duet

21 December 2022, 10:34 | Updated: 21 December 2022, 21:53 By Kyle Macdonald He was the iconic chorister voice of the 1980s, but this festive season tenor Aled Jones sings a duet to introduce a great treble voice of our time. A legendary treble voice of the past, meets one of the most gifted youngContinue reading “ALed Jones sings ‘O Holy Night’ with star 12-year-old treble in Christmas duet”

Tidings of comfort & joy

The Spectator Australia Leading article Australia Cover by Sarah Dudley, illustration by Ben Davis The Spectator Australia 17 December 2022 9:00 AM ‘God rest ye merry, gentlemen, let nothing you dismay…’ Easier said than done, of course, at the end of a year in which there is much to be dismayed about. The international scene,Continue reading “Tidings of comfort & joy”

Parks Australia: when bureaucracy turns racist

Flat White Alexandra Marshall Getty Images Alexandra Marshall 9 December 2022 6:00 AM Imagine telling a Brit of migrant origin that they’re forbidden from visiting the White Cliffs of Dover because they are a spiritually important geological feature – or that anyone with the wrong skin colour looking at them would cause distress and offence.Continue reading “Parks Australia: when bureaucracy turns racist”

The three lessons that Christmas teaches our culture

Flat White Dave Pellowe Getty Images Dave Pellowe 2 December 2022 12:21 PM Christmas is popular. Nearly every Australian can’t wait to put up their lights and decorations. Retailers rush to sell them as early as possible and tell us all it’s Christmas. Of course, no one actually says it’s the celebration of the birthContinue reading “The three lessons that Christmas teaches our culture”

…(Page 2) That Autism is a Gift

Mar 7, 2019 | By: Jennae Geren Share …CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 It was only three years ago, Millar began, in his gripping tale.  He had traveled to China with a group of principals and the Department of Education as the only special school principal to learn from the mass teaching on the Chinese.  TheyContinue reading “…(Page 2) That Autism is a Gift”