My Christmas wish

Flat White

Ron Pike


Ron Pike

25 December 2022

8:00 AM

To my fellow Australians…

During this Christmas festival may you be enveloped with the love of family and friends.

May amusing humour and great music buoy your spirits.

May you be shown the respect of a fellow human being.

May we all develop the wisdom to respect one another as equals.

May this spirit of Christmas remain with us all year as we each come to accept that we are one people united by the land we share.

May we all come to realise that it is the land beneath our feet that makes us what we are.

May we finally accept the reality that all people born in Australia are indigenous to Australia. It has nothing to do with your ancestry or how long your ancestors may have lived here.

During the year ahead may we all reflect on the fact that it was our egalitarian ethos that made this nation great. And spend this year driving asunder those who would divide us on racial lines.

Because, Australia, my Australia you are the basis of my pride. And on this land for evermore, we’ll build our destiny.

If we build that destiny as a united people, not driven by self-interest, we can achieve great things for all of our people. This will not happen while a small minority of our number believe they have the right to welcome the rest of us to our country.

We are one people and there is much to unite us and only stupid ignorance can divide us.

My wish for my family and the Australian people at this Christmas festival is that during the year ahead we unite as one people. One people with similar aspirations, similar hopes and the will to make unity our goal.

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