The ABC and Corruption in High Places

14th June 2021 Comments (2) Keith Windschuttle Editor-in-chiefEditor, Quadrant Stories of corruption in high places have always been a good drawcard for readers of the news media and it is no surprise that many journalists have a strong appetite for such fare. And because such corruption is usually well covered up, a form ofContinue reading “The ABC and Corruption in High Places”

Why There Were No Stolen Generations (Part Two)

1st January 2010 Comments (0) Keith Windschuttle Editor-in-chiefEditor, Quadrant [Part One is here…] The Origins of the Myth The empirical underpinnings of Bringing Them Home derived largely from the work of white academic historians. The Human Rights Commission did no serious research of its own into the primary historical sources. Co-authors Ronald Wilson andContinue reading “Why There Were No Stolen Generations (Part Two)”

Why There Were No Stolen Generations (Part One)

1st January 2010 Comments (0) Keith Windschuttle Editor-in-chiefEditor, Quadrant Most Australians would be taken aback to find that whenever academics in the field of genocide studies discuss history’s worst exam­ples, their own country is soon mentioned. The March 2001 edition of the London-based Journal of Genocide Research indi­cated the com­pany Australia now keeps. ThatContinue reading “Why There Were No Stolen Generations (Part One)”

Bruce Pascoe, Dumped Upon from a Great Height

9th January 2021 Comments (15) Peter O’Brien In a very well researched paper titled ‘Foragers or Farmers: Dark Emu and the Controversy over Aboriginal Agriculture’ published in  Anthropological Forum, ANU academic Dr Ian Keen, has brought some academic rigour to the debate over Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu. When I wrote Bitter Harvest, I did notContinue reading “Bruce Pascoe, Dumped Upon from a Great Height”

The ‘Indigenous’ Invasion of Aboriginal Australia

6th January 2021 Comments (11) Patrick McCauley Culture is defined by Wiki as “an umbrella term which encompasses the social behaviour and norms found in human societies, as well as the knowledge, beliefs, arts, laws, customs, capabilities, and habits of the individuals in these groups.”  So you could apply that definition to just about everythingContinue reading “The ‘Indigenous’ Invasion of Aboriginal Australia”

The Presumption and Promotion of Misery

21st November 2020 Comments (0) Anthony Daniels Columnist For many people, especially the educated, the word conservative is a term of derogation, except perhaps in relation to the preservation of giant pandas, carrying with it many negative connotations. Once a person or a policy has been described as conservative, he or it may safely beContinue reading “The Presumption and Promotion of Misery”

Beware, Parents, Your Kids Are Being ‘Scootled’

21st November 2020 Comments (5) Tony Thomas When I noticed that a top-tier federal-state education body is providing lesson materials for teachers, I decided to take a look. The body is Education Services Australia (ESA), a company set up by federal-state education ministers. ESA provides free supplementary online materials for teachers via 20,000-plus pages onContinue reading “Beware, Parents, Your Kids Are Being ‘Scootled’”

Military Justice, a Contradiction in Terms?

28th November 2020 Comments (29) Peter O’Brien The train wreck is not the war crimes alleged in the Brereton Report. The train wreck is the manner in which the government, and Defence in particular, is managing it. Prior to the release of the report, there was a general, and welcome, consensus among senior politicians, particularlyContinue reading “Military Justice, a Contradiction in Terms?”