Mask and You Shall Deceive 11th October 2021 Comments (24) Peter Smith Frequent contributor Disappointments are part of life. One particular class of disappointments concerns conservative politicians who after attaining power go to water. Or, in the case of Boris Johnson, turn out to be a one-trick wonder. Brexit done, nothing much left that isn’tContinue reading “QED”

Much Pain for Net Zero Gain

13th October 2021 Comments (6) Alan Moran It is this simple: skyrocketing world electricity prices stem from renewables policies. Notwithstanding the avalanche of propaganda we are seeing throughout the country, no wind or solar gets built anywhere in the world without subsidies paid by taxpayers and customers.  In Australia’s case these costs are $10 billionContinue reading “Much Pain for Net Zero Gain”


Who Will Rid Us of the Andrews Curse? 13th October 2021 Comments (13) Christopher Akehurst “It’s time”, as some readers will remember, was the Labor election slogan that ushered in the late Gough Whitlam’s disastrous time in office. Well now it’s time to dust off that slogan for another Labor disaster. It’s time for VictorianContinue reading “QED”

Insights from Quadrant

Shock! Horror!Perrottet is a Catholic 4th October 2021 Comments (4) As the dust settles after Gladys Berejiklian’s resignation and what is reported to be the imminent elevation of Dominic Perrottet to the post of NSW premier, Australia’s newsroom hacks thought they heard the faint tinkle of sanctus bells and made like Pavlov’s dogs, slobbering hintsContinue reading “Insights from Quadrant”

The Delta Variant Is Being Used to Hide the Real Casualty Numbers of the Covid Vaccine

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Friday, July 30, 2021 – 14:55. You are about to read a report which exposes the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people. There are no unnamed sources afraid to come out behind the shadows for fear of experiencing the loss of job or even the loss of life.Continue reading “The Delta Variant Is Being Used to Hide the Real Casualty Numbers of the Covid Vaccine”

A Timely Reminder of Liberty’s Roots

6th October 2021 Comments (6) Augusto Zimmermann Zachary Gorman is academic coordinator with the Robert Menzies Institute, previously having worked as a research fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. He is also a professional historian with a PhD from the University of Wollongong and a BA with First Class Honours from the University ofContinue reading “A Timely Reminder of Liberty’s Roots”

Chipping Away at Names for the Nation

29th September 2021 Comments (21) Christopher Akehurst Does anyone remember when portraits of the Queen used to hang in public offices and schools? Two versions were usually seen: the 1954 painting by Sir William Dargie showing Her Majesty in her “wattle dress” and Pietro Annigoni’s 1955 portrait with Windsor Castle in the background. You won’tContinue reading “Chipping Away at Names for the Nation”

Pick an Epidemiologist, any Epidemiologist

3rd October 2021 Comments (1) Peter Smith Frequent contributor A lady made a show of shying away from me the other day when I revealed I wouldn’t be able to watch the new Bond film until on or after 1 December (NSW ‘Freedom Day’), being unvaccinated. Don’t blame her. It’s the zeitgeist. I’m about toContinue reading “Pick an Epidemiologist, any Epidemiologist”