Cardinal Pell laid to rest

Flat White Kevin Donnelly Getty Images Kevin Donnelly 2 February 2023 4:30 AM The world, and not just the Christian world, will be a lesser place after the loss of Cardinal George Pell in early January and Pope Benedict XVI late last year. Both men, in addition to their intense faith and willingness to defendContinue reading “Cardinal Pell laid to rest”

Pell’s silent support

Flat White James Parker Getty Images James Parker 2 February 2023 11:41 AM The funeral of Cardinal George Pell takes place today at Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, the mother church from where Pell guided the Catholic faithful of the Archdiocese of Sydney for thirteen years and often spoke fearlessly beyond its perimeters into theContinue reading “Pell’s silent support”

Novak’s Churchill-esque victory speech

Flat White Dean Troth Getty Images Dean Troth 30 January 2023 12:56 PM Novak Djokovic has returned as the world’s number one tennis player. He was crowned King at Melbourne Park following his tenth Australian Open title on Sunday, January 29 after defeating Stefanos Tsitsipas. This makes him the first man in the Open eraContinue reading “Novak’s Churchill-esque victory speech”


Invented female characters are a betrayal of history Nigel Jones Anna Maxwell Martin as Lily Taylor, a fictional MI5 officer in A Spy Among Friends (Photo: ITVX/Sony Pictures) Nigel Jones 4 December 2022 5:00 PM The popular historian Ben Macintyre is a fortunate fellow. No sooner has the BBC’s acclaimed adaptation of his account ofContinue reading “World”

The Man Who Made Tennis What It Is

Sport Roger Underwood My brother, Peter, has completed a wonderful book[i] on the history of “the pro champions” of tennis – those top players who were the best in the world from the 1930s to the late 1960s, but who were denied entry to the major championships and the Davis Cup … because they wereContinue reading “The Man Who Made Tennis What It Is”


WHAT IS AUSTRALIA and WHO ARE THE AUSTRALIANS? On the 1st January 1901 Australia was created, not a piece of geography, but as a legal entity which had never existed before. With Western Australia joining at the last minute five mainland and one Island Colony melded into a single indissoluble Nation. Also with Western AustraliaContinue reading “WHAT IS AUSTRALIA and WHO ARE THE AUSTRALIANS?”

A Nation for a Continent

Keith Windschuttle Editor, Quadrant Magazine 30th August 2022 One of the major arguments for the creation of the Australian nation in 1901 was that it would produce something unique in the world, what our first Commonwealth Prime Minister Edmund Barton called: “a nation for a continent and a continent for a nation”. This was especiallyContinue reading “A Nation for a Continent”


Something extraordinary is happening in Iran Brendan O’Neill (Credit: YouTube) Brendan O’Neill 21 September 2022 11:35 PM The images coming out of Iran are remarkable. Women are ripping off their hijabs and burning them in public. They’re dancing in the streets and shaking their freed hair as onlookers whoop and cheer. These are stunning actsContinue reading World

Leading article Australia

God save our CM The Spectator Australia Getty Images The Spectator Australia 17 September 2022 9:00 AM It doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, ‘God save our gracious constitutional monarchy, long live our noble constitution monarchy, God save the constitutional monarch’. But that is the essence of what two weeks of emotional outpouringsContinue reading Leading article Australia

Aborigines possibly the tenth race to have inhabited Australia

Sep 7 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews Letter to the Editor The Torres Strait Islanders are a different race of unrelated people of Melanesian descent, their history goes back about 3,000 years diverging to a mix of Papuan and Lapita people 30,000 years ago. They are a well structured society with agriculture and productive communal industry, andContinue reading “Aborigines possibly the tenth race to have inhabited Australia”