Resisting the Left’s ideological war on Australia

Flat White Lyle Shelton Getty Images Lyle Shelton 1 February 2023 5:00 AM We can’t go on like this. Alice Springs is burning and the radical Left is waging war on our legitimacy. Nothing will placate their demands. A treaty won’t, a ‘Voice’ won’t. Wokeism’s insistence that we continue to ignore fatherlessness and family breakdownContinue reading “Resisting the Left’s ideological war on Australia”

Decolonising ends up where, exactly?

Michael de Percy Getty Images Michael de Percy 24 January 2023 7:00 AM Before the Christmas holidays, one of my mates jokingly said something about ‘soon you’ll be writing about the Left’s war on Christmas’. I hadn’t thought about it until I noticed all of Australia’s universities, apart from two, had ‘happy holidays’ or ‘wishingContinue reading “Decolonising ends up where, exactly?”


The Voice and the Problem of Extractive Elites Andrew Russell & Lana Starkey The proposed indigenous Voice to Parliament has been discussed repeatedly in the pages of this publication. It is exceptionally difficult to avoid concluding that the Voice will represent a grave threat to equality under law, an indescribably lucrative payday for the professionallyContinue reading “Aborigines”

The Voice

Sticking it to the Voice and its Promoters Joanna Hackett Joanna Hackett , friend of Quadrant and contributor, writes to update readers who have purchased bumper stickers since the October publication of her satirical piece “Saving Australia, One Bumper Sticker at a Time”: The emails from our supporters have made one fact very clear. ManyContinue reading “The Voice”

Deletion of Australian Pygmies from history an example of Zio political attack on Whites and on science

October 12, 20151,712 Views Share: Commentary —In America any archeological, anthropological, or biological evidence indicating that anyone other than the Siberians that form the main ancestral stock of todays American Indian tribes might have settled in the New World during prehistoric times is repressed. The following article shows the extreme to which this Zio political correctness hasContinue reading “Deletion of Australian Pygmies from history an example of Zio political attack on Whites and on science”

The Country That Lost Its Memory

History Michael Connor Contributing editor Australia has amnesia. When Veronica Gorrie won two book awards she did what all literature prize-winners do here—she abused the country, kept the money, and misremembered the past: “I find it ironic that the Victorian State Government are awarding me, considering they were the ones that committed past atrocities onContinue reading “The Country That Lost Its Memory”

Sacred Traditions Invented Yesterday

4th July 2022 Comments (22) Keith Windschuttle Editor-in-chiefEditor, Quadrant A general hostility to irrationalism, superstition and customary practices reminiscent of the dark past, if not actually descended from it, made impassioned believers of the Enlightenment, such as liberals, socialists and communists, unreceptive to traditions, old or novel. Socialists … found themselves acquiring an annualContinue reading “Sacred Traditions Invented Yesterday”