Elon Musk Reveals Terrifying Truth About The Euphrates River!

Elon Musk has been called a “mad genius” and a “Twitter troll,” but he is better known for his unique inventions than for his small fights, warnings about the future, or bringing down big names. But Elon didn’t let that stop him from telling the world recently about what could happen if the Euphrates RiverContinue reading “Elon Musk Reveals Terrifying Truth About The Euphrates River!”

Elon Musk, George Soros and the blurring of life and art

Daniel Miller The Spectator Australia 23 May 2023 Was Elon Musk antisemitic when he compared George Soros to Magneto, the apparently Jewish, Marvel Comics supervillain? Whatever one’s view on this question, Musk’s comments may be taken as a pointed marker of a time in which life and art are increasingly indistinguishable. Musk claimed in aContinue reading “Elon Musk, George Soros and the blurring of life and art”

Plucking the hissing goose

Australia must stop demonising mining Features Australia Gina Rinehart Getty Images Gina Rinehart 27 May 2023 9:00 AM If we want our standards of living to continue, we simply must have more investment in mines, and more mines developed. For that our governments must better understand mining and put policies in place that actually welcome,Continue reading “Plucking the hissing goose”

How not to close the gap

Features Australia Continuing half a century of failed ‘solutions’ David Flint Getty Images David Flint 20 May 2023 9:00 AM With the opposition opposed to a constitutionally entrenched Voice, it would be surprising if there were no interest in the views of the party’s founder, Sir Robert Menzies. On second thoughts, that may not beContinue reading “How not to close the gap”

There Is No Escape From Telling

Edward Curtin OffGuardian May 14, 2023 By the lake’s lapping shore above the town and the railroad tracks, my wife and I stopped and marveled, struck stone silent by two dazzling Baltimore Orioles, clawed together as they tumbled, wrestling in the green morning breeze above our heads. They perched upon a branch and sang aContinue reading “There Is No Escape From Telling”

Politicians’ republic expires with the Coronation

Unintended consequences from the republican ‘silver bullet’ David Flint Getty Images David Flint 13 May 2023 9:00 AM The ailing politicians’ republic has finally given up the ghost. Australia’s future now seems assured as a crowned republic with an Australian as head of state. Curiously, it was the Australian Republican Movement’s (ARM’s) very own silverContinue reading “Politicians’ republic expires with the Coronation”

You Americans, ‘so unsophisticated, so pitiful’

Roger Franklin Editor, Quadrant Online 17th May 2023 As everyone from Chris Kenny to Cardinal George Pell has learned at the cost of reputation, expense and irritation, the ABC, while happy to issue unsolicited ‘sorries’ on behalf of the nation to gays, Indigenes, trannies and other Australians enjoying gazetted victim status, it has trouble utteringContinue reading “You Americans, ‘so unsophisticated, so pitiful’”

Make your own Natural Cleaners

9 Comments By: Jill MillsPosted: Jul 20, 2017Updated: Jul 21, 2020 This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy. By making your own Natural Cleaners, you are saving money and also keeping yourself safe from harsh chemicals. These home tips improve indoor air quality and is much safer, especially for children. NaturalContinue reading “Make your own Natural Cleaners”

There are nincompoops among us

Flat White Bill Muehlenberg Getty Images Bill Muehlenberg 16 May 2023 6:00 AM Don’t you love the word ‘nincompoop’? It dates back to at least the 16th Century, but it has a really nice ring to it. Many individuals would easily fit within its definition, but there are a number of political leaders who seemContinue reading “There are nincompoops among us”

What I learnt from an Aboriginal Elder

Flat White Steven Tripp Getty Images Steven Tripp 13 December 2022 4:00 AM Recently, I sat down to interview an Aboriginal Elder from South Australia for the ExCandidates podcast, of which I am a host. Her name is Kerry White, a former nurse and diabetes educator from the Narungga people. The aim of the interviewContinue reading “What I learnt from an Aboriginal Elder”

Where is the Voice of the Forgotten People?

Michael Green The Spectator Australia 13 May 2023 Julia Banks, former Liberal member for Chisholm, says the party is over for the Liberals. Writing in the Saturday Paper, she says the party is ‘embedded in an anachronistic world, such that the phrase “modern Liberal Party” is an oxymoron’. Banks, you may recall, decided not toContinue reading “Where is the Voice of the Forgotten People?”

Who is Wollumbin Consultative Group?’

Mathew Condon The Australian May 15, 2023 You come to the foot of Wollumbin-Mount Warning, the monolithic, totemic, almost mythic volcanic plug 12km southwest of Murwillumbah on the NSW far north coast, through ancient rainforest, across creek beds littered with car-sized boulders, and up, up towards the Wollumbin Summit Trailhead. Then, a kilometre out fromContinue reading “Who is Wollumbin Consultative Group?’”

The Voice

White Man’s Dreaming Keith Windschuttle Editor-in-chiefEditor, Quadrant Magazinekeithwindschuttle@quadrant.org.au If there’s any hint of unintended consequences — for example, an untidy debate about who exactly qualifies for the description “indigenous” — then the proposition [for constitutional recognition] will be defeated.                                                                                   — former Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, 2012 There was consternation in Tasmania last month when itsContinue reading “The Voice”

The Voice would rhyme

Flat White Andrew L. Urban Getty Images Andrew L. Urban 21 April 2023 5:00 AM There’s a pub somewhere in the Aussie outback which displays a worn and fraying sign: ‘Free beer tomorrow.’ The larrikin spirit lives on… But could it also be a warning to Australians that not all promises are kept, nor allContinue reading “The Voice would rhyme”

Exposing The Darkness

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) bankrolled the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to the tune of $11 million to promote COVID-19 vaccination as “safe and effective” for pregnant women, according to an investigation published this week by attorney Maggie Thorp. Documents obtained by Thorp through a Freedom of Information ActContinue reading “Exposing The Darkness”

The North-Adams Secret Dossier

1,244 views May 13, 2023 After more than two months since last being in the studio together, Adams and North have come back to record their latest show with an update on ASIC. Adams reveals that information gleaned from various Freedom of Information requests indicate that 13 ASIC employees are holding 142 documents spanning hundredsContinue reading “The North-Adams Secret Dossier”