Because the issue of a republic is not front-page news every day, does not mean that republicans are not on the move. In fact, the government is fast-tracking plans to dismantle our current constitutional arrangements to make it easier to persuade people to accept change from a non-partisan monarch to a political presidency.
We know about the appointment of the Assistant Minister for the Republic, but many people are not aware that he is also Assistant Minister for Defence and Veterans Affairs and is using those positions to push a republic. This means that we could well see the disappearance of the Crown from military badges. The government has released information about its consultation process, but what they aren’t saying is that they will use every arm of government to persuade new Australians to accept their plans for a republic. We know that many ethnic communities, particularly from Communist countries, think that if the government says it is right, then it must be right.

The referendum process has been the people’s safeguard against constant change to the Australian Constitution by politicians. Perhaps no longer, for the government intends to transform how referendums are put to the people to make it easier for them to get their changes through. The Australian Monarchist League is standing against these moves like a David against a Goliath. Overwhelming odds, but never forget that David won, as we will win because we have right on our side. These are matters that will be aired in two upcoming functions in Sydney. Firstly, we have a lunch in Sydney with our campaign chairman, former Senator the Hon. Eric Abetz on Wednesday, November 30th. Then we have a dinner, also in Sydney, with former prime minister the Hon. Tony Abbott AC on Monday December the 12th. Both venues are in the CBD and details will be advised following bookings or if you wish to know beforehand, you can email us at Both functions can be booked here: The Campaign Lunch with the Hon. Eric Abetz
The Campaign Dinner with the Hon. Tony Abbott AC It is an unfortunate impediment that we must now be careful as our every move is watched by those who would seek to undermine us, but this also means that we are making an impact otherwise radical elements would not bother. For those in other States, we are organising similar campaign-type meetings over the next year. It is important that we bring all those opposed to a republic together under the one banner to defeat the government-related campaign of attrition against the Australian Constitution and system of governance which all federal members of Parliament have sworn to uphold. Yours sincerely Philip Benwell
National Chair Australian Monarchist League

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