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The Albanese Doctrine

The Spectator Australia

The Spectator Australia

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The Spectator Australia

24 September 2022

9:00 AM

Is Anthony Albanese the most ignorant person to ever occupy the role of Australian prime minister? Or is he simply the most arrogant? Speaking to the BBC in the run-up to the Queen’s funeral, he proclaimed himself ‘comfortable’ with the idea of an interventionist monarch – so long as he was intervening in line with Labor party policies. Because Mr Albanese views climate change as a threat to the ‘survival of our way of life’ – despite the fact there is no science to back up such an extremist claim – then he is happy for the new monarch to trash the entire concept of a constitutional monarch, and indeed, to tear up our precious 122-year-old Australian constitution.

In its place he proposes the Albanese Doctrine which says that he and he alone can determine what our constitutional monarch may or may not comment upon. This is not some trivial, legalistic fine point of parliamentary niceties. This goes to the very heart of our democratic freedoms. In essence, Anthony Albanese has said, ‘the King must not interfere in our politics unless of course he agrees with me and in that case he must interfere in our politics and support me’. Has there ever been a more dangerous comment made by an Australian prime minister to the world press? Or let’s put it another way – according to the Albanese Doctrine and the modern Labor party, something is only political if they say it is political.

It was Humpty Dumpty who explained that ‘words mean what I say they mean’. It is Anthony Albanese who now proclaims something is ‘only political if I say it is political’.

This isn’t democracy, this is one-party rule and it must be confronted head on and objected to in the strongest language possible.

Imagine, for example, the outcry if Prime Minister John Howard had said, ‘I urge Her Majesty the Queen to speak out in favour of my WorkChoices legislation.’ Imagine if Prime Minister Paul Keating had said, ‘This is the recession Her Majesty says we have to have.’ Imagine if Julia Gillard had said, ‘There will be a carbon tax under a government I lead because the Queen wants us to have one.’

Or if Malcolm Fraser had said, ‘The Queen insisted we get rid of Gough.’

The hypocrisy from Anthony Albanese and all those within the Labor movement who by their silence support his BBC comments is appalling.

Our entire system of government depends on the monarch ensuring the stability of our parliament by never taking sides in any political debates. That is something Elizabeth Windsor managed almost flawlessly for 70 years, yet our newly installed Prime Minister is now wandering around the corridors of the BBC urging the new King – who has already committed to not pursue such divisive issues – to do exactly that.

Mr Albanese claims that the King has an exemption to speak out on climate issues because climate change affects the ‘very survival of our way of life’.

He’s only partly right. It is not climate change per se that is an existential threat to our way of life – despite the protestations of Extinction Rebellion and other extremists and doom-mongers there is no scientific data that supports that proposition – but what is increasingly a threat to our way of life are those chronic energy shortages exacerbated by the very net-zero policies that Mr Albanese, Chris Bowen, Boris Johnson and others are recklessly pursuing.

The same polices that the Coalition disgracefully adopted under Scott Morrison at Cop 26 in Glasgow twelve months ago.

CPAC returns

Next weekend, the first and second of October, CPAC returns to Sydney. CPAC is the conservative conference that first gained prominence after Kristina Keneally, at the time an Australian Labor senator, denigrated the conference and called for it to be cancelled. Naturally, in keeping with her own personal business model, she failed miserably. Indeed, her interference guaranteed the success and popularity of the conference.

The speakers this year are exceptional, incuding Nigel Farage, environmentalists-turned-nuclear campaigners Michael Shellenberger and Zion Lights, Warren Mundine, Jacinta Price, rapper Zuby, Ian Plimer, Tony Abbott, Matt Canavan, Amanda Stoker and… do we need to go on? Our editor and many of our writers will also be there. Book your tickets now or kick yourself for years to come.

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Comment by Nelle-He is just ignorant about many things including our history- why are we blessed with nincompoops in power-surely it should be part of the criteria to be educated at least -not pushing one side but neutral God save us will we ever be blessed with a patriot-we did have one in Tony Abbott -we voted him in and they knifed him- according to the corrupt pollies we couldn’t have a PM that stood for the country and the people

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