The Agenda For World Domination

Everything must change

The official WEF slogan is “improving the state of the world”, and their agenda comes under various names: the Great Reset, Agenda 2030, Agenda 21, Build Back Better, New World Order and so on. The key word in their vocabulary is “crisis”. In the view of the WEF, there are innumerable crises all over the world: health crises, social crises, financial crises, energy crises, climate crises… nothing but crises, everywhere, all the time9.The only way to solve all these crises, they say, is to radically transform every aspect of human existence: food, housing, health care, sexuality, agriculture, education, finance, travel, technology,… everything has to be overhauled to “save the planet”. There is, however, something very interesting & ironic about this situation…

The billionaires who claim to be saving the planet… are the ones who have been destroying it!

Theyhave been cutting down all the forests to build highways, cities, and industrial zones; they have built thousands of factories that have devastated the soil, water, and air of the earth; they have been stealing all the natural resources of every nation in the world to enrich themselves, while impoverishing the native people10; they have been poisoning the population with highly processed food that is devoid of nutrients, yet full of toxic chemical substances and harmful processed sugars and fats11.

They excessively spray neurotoxic and carcinogenic herbicides and pesticides12, while genetically modifying all our produce, resulting in health-destroying fruits and vegetables13.

They have created the insane agenda of injecting little children with dozens of cocktails of toxic substances, which has been proven to give rise to the epidemic of autism and countless childhood diseases. Since mass vaccinations began decades ago, there has been an explosion of previously non-existent mental and physiological diseases among children and youth, that is crippling them for life14. These same oligarchs are the ones who have been suppressing breakthrough cures for cancer, as inventors of true medical revolutions have been found dead all over the world15. Meanwhile, they charge astronomical fees for chemotherapy, which devastates the human body and has been proven to often cause cancer to re-emerge even more aggressively than before16.

They have made humanity dependent on chemical drugs that not only have myriad side effects, but never cure anything. They merely suppress symptoms, never addressing the root cause.

Big Pharma generally doesn’t heal sick people, but makes them lifelong consumers of drugs that cause a wide variety of other health issues. Hundreds of millions of people find it necessary to take additional prescriptions to deal with side effects of their original meds. This corrupt system brings billions of dollars into the pockets of the big pharmaceutical corporations.17

And what about the disastrous, ongoing weather modification programs that release unfathomable amounts of toxic substances into the atmosphere?18

Then we have the neurotoxic and carcinogenic radiation they have caused humanity to be exposed to with 5G, WiFi and Bluetooth19; the massive production of plastics that is wreaking havoc on ocean life20; the highly toxic chemicals they are putting in all household and cosmetic products… and so on, and so on, and so on. The horrors inflicted onto humanity by these superrich industrialists, who stop at nothing to make even more money, are indescribable. Countless books, studies, reports, and videos have been made, documenting these horrendous crimes against humanity that are being committed all day long, everywhere on planet earth. And now these same billionaires, who obviously only care about power and profit, are claiming they want to “improve the state of the world”?!

A list of their plans

Below are some examples of the ideas/goals they are pushing hard, in order to “save the planet”. References are listed at the end of this report. 

Implement vaccine passports, which only allow people to participate in society if they continually take new booster injections.21

Implement social credit scores forcing people to comply, as resistance lowers their score & results in loss of basic rights.22

Move most of humanity into Smart Cities, where their thoughts, emotions and dreams are constantly recorded.23

Limit the distance that city people can go from their homes to 15-20 minutes.24

Replace cash with digital currencies that can be controlled by the rulers. Owning and spending money must be limited.25

Only allow information online that supports the agenda. Censor everything that questions their plans.26

Eliminate ownership of private property. Everything must be rented: homes, cars, tools, even clothes.27

Block most sunlight from reaching the earth in order to prevent “global warming”.28

Reduce or remove personal rights and freedoms from humanity. Free speech, for example, must be ‘recalibrated’.29

Promote homosexual education in kindergarten and first grade. Teach toddlers to masturbate and have sex.30

Promote pedophilia as a natural sexual preference that must be included in society. Label opponents as “haters”.31

Indoctrinate school children to surgically alter their sexual identity without the consent of their parents.32

Turn everyone into cyborgs, connected to the cloud, from where A.I. will constantly monitor them.33

Create a class of elite humanoids with superhuman abilities that will rule over humanity.34

Replace doctors, lawyers, teachers, ministers, pastors, etc. with A.I.35

Allow A.I. to control human life by telling people who to marry, what to buy, who to vote for, etc.36

Allow managers to see what is going on inside the brains of their employees.37

Use 5G to not only read people’s thoughts and emotions, but to also insert thoughts and feelings into the population.38

Replace grass-fed beef with genetically engineered insects grown in factories.39

Convince the elderly to choose euthanasia so they don’t burden the economy.40

There is much more, but this overview gives a general idea of their “brilliant” ideas that will most definitely “save the planet” and make life so much “better” for everyone. Other concepts are: limiting human contact by making school, gathering, shopping, worship, socializing etc., happen online, where life must be lived behind a screen; making the use of suffocating face masks permanent, as much as possible; pushing humanity to spend their life in a fake digital realm – the MetaVerse – and convincing them it’s so much better than reality. Furthermore, the World Economic Forum wants to close off 30% of all wilderness, so enjoying the great outdoors will become much harder.

Recording your thoughts

Climate change

The magic phrase for forcing humanity into Smart Cities is “climate change”.48 The World Economic Forum claims that the climate is out of order because people travel too far from their homes and have too many outdoor activities that cause harmful emission of CO2. That’s why they want to add trackers in all of our phones and clothes, and eventually inside our bodies – to monitor the amount of carbon we are emitting.49

 Never mind the countless factories they have erected and are still erecting, that emit unimaginable amounts of toxic gases.

Never mind the mega-cities they want to build to replace green pastures. Never mind that these billionaires all use private jets that emit insane amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. So apparently, it’s not the cutting down of trillions of trees, destruction of rural countryside, or the building of monstrous Smart Cities that is bad for the environment. Oh no – it’s the people who want to visit their families, enjoy a day at the beach, or hike in the mountains. That is what destroys climate! Therefore, they plan to forbid private car ownership.50 Cars should be shared among each other – one car for the whole neighborhood. But wait… who are these people again, making these statements? Oh yes, right, they are the same billionaires who each have several private jets and a vast collection of cars.

World domination

The World Economic Forum doesn’t hide their true intention. What they ultimately aim to establish is nothing less than unprecedented world domination. They have made this crystal clear with their famous WEF wheel:51

World Economic Forum wheel

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