Messenger RNA inoculation of NSW cattle will be the end of the red meat industry

Apr 17

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By staff writers

Cattle Australia, inaugurated in 2022 purportedly to protect the interests of grass-fed beef producers has refused to investigate the probable consequences of planned mRNA gene altering inoculations of cattle.

David Foote, Chairman of Cattle Australia, a perennial rural industry identity.

Cairns News has asked the so-called representative body what it intends to do about the NSW government’s plan to begin trials in August injecting cattle with an experimental mRNA toxin, in a similar manner to the Covid 19 inoculation of the Australian population.

Liberal senator Alex Antic recently was taken off Youtube for questioning 33,000 excess deaths in Australia in 2022-23 which he related to the Covid jab.

There is no question that consumers will boycott red meat and pork after the NSW trial begins. Chickens are next.

It will sound the death knell for the beef and sheep meat industry.

Sheep have already been injected with an experimental mRNA shot in NSW trials.

The NSW Agricultural Department alleges the mRNA gene-altering shot for cattle could protect against Foot and Mouth disease and Lumpy Skin disease. Vaccine producer Pfizer admitted its mRNA human vaccine, thought to be responsible for 33,000 Australian deaths so far, had an efficacy of just 2 per cent and in its human trials admitted the experimental vaccine had severely injured participants. How could any government in its right mind contaminate a food source?

In a televised interview on Zee Media, Dr Ana Mihalcea examined supermarket-obtained red meat finding some disturbing contamination.

In the microscopic slides of grass-fed, Angus beef blood samples, a strange thread appears which she described as “hydrogel structure’’ which has been found in blood samples of humans infected with Pfizer’s Covid shots.

She believed the contamination could have been caused by years of ground accumulation from aerial spraying of inorganic compounds such as barium sulphate and other more toxic substances ( ) which reportedly have been applied in the skies to reduce the sun’s gamma rays, better known as geo-engineering, covertly conducted by governments.

Although there is no known mRNA inoculation yet authorized for veterinary use in Australia, based on the devious strategies of Australian governments in rolling out the experimental mRNA vaxx program, it is possible covert veterinary trials have already been carried out on selected cattle herds.

Hence the hydrogel strands found in Dr Mihalcea’s samples. Cairns News has deliberately omitted the identity of the supermarket chain retailing the meat.

From Zee Media

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Comment by Nelle- will these criminals ever give us a break with the crimes against humanity and why haven’t we stood up to them not just accept all the crap continually being thrown at us

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