The forgotten but deadly Unidroit Treaty Whitlam signed

Aug 26

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

Letter to the Editor

In 1973 the Australia Government under Gough Whitlam signed the Unidroit Treaty giving control, allegiance, obedience to a foreign power, Rome, the Vatican, NWO. This is against Section 44 (i) and(ii) of the Constitution, I believe the Australian Government has committed treason and is illegal, The NWO is controlling Australia, I believe we are being made an example of, being a small country full of sheep with marks on, “Sheeple” easy prey. If we could only get Australian Health Minister Brad “Buzzard” Hazzard to court to prove that the SARS-Covid-2 has been isolated and PCR tests do detect Covid-19 virus, of course he couldn’t, because there are no records anywhere of anyone doing so, including the CDC, the plandemic would be over.

Michael Condon


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