AUSTRALIA Timeline Of Treason By Dick Yardley

Our Rights, Freedoms, Land, Resources, and
Wealth were handed to the Rothschild
owned United Nations in 1959 in an act of
Treason, progressively reinforced through
further acts of Treason by EVERY Governor,
Governors General and sitting member
In acknowledgement of Mr. Dick Yardley’s 30 years of
relentless research and analysis of the Commonwealth of
Australia Constitution (1901) and his recording of events
leading up to the constitutional crisis we now face.
Thank you Dick from a grateful nation.
Steve Jeffery, Just One Focus – Truth

Timeline of Treason The Facts

Time sheet
Prime Minister and Premier is only a name of an individual, this doesn’t give him any
authority to sign any document, like The League of Nations, Unidroit Treaty, Lima
Declaration, Agenda 21 etc, etc. All so called agreements like these outside Our
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act have no Crown and Constitutional
Authority. To enforce these agreements is Treason.
1959 December Political Parties took ownership of the Governor-General and
Commander-in-Chief, therefore removing Crown Authority from all Commonwealth
Acts forward. All Governor-Generals forward sit in Treason.
1962 Political Parties took Our Defence Forces to war against North Vietnam.
1965 every State Governor and Parliament joined the Commonwealth in creating the
Dollar, Counterfeit to Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.
All State Governors and all State Parliaments acted in Treason.
The Enacting Manner and form change, removed Crown and Constitutional Authority
“Be it enacted by the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty,
the Senate and the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Australia ..”
December 1972 to 1973,

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