Western Hegemony’s Collapse

De-Dollarisation Is Coming

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Following CNN, a report on the de-dollarization of the world economy was presented by the Fox News channel

Meanwhile, the United States has begun to urgently transfer cash dollars to the central banks of other countries.

After the collapse of the Credit Suisse bank and its takeover by UBS, the largest financial holding in Switzerland, the American authorities urgently began to pour cash into the national banks of other countries.

Hundreds of billions of dollars in cash will be brought to the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan, the Swiss National Bank, and others in order to avoid a financial crisis and a final loss of investor confidence in the US currency.

The current actions of the US Federal Reserve System to provide national banks with currency are the largest in at least the last decade. At the same time, such inclusion of the printing press does not bode well for the dollar and could trigger record inflation.

Credit Suisse, formed in 1856, was Switzerland’s second largest financial conglomerate and had more than 50,000 employees last year. In mid-March, against the background of the collapse of the American Silicon Valley Bank, Credit Suisse shares fell by almost a third, and the bank was on the verge of bankruptcy. It was later bought out by UBS for only $3.24 billion, which, according to experts, does not exceed the value of the property owned by the failed bank.

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