Social media: radicalising the West into the climate cult?

Flat White

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Flat White

24 March 2023

7:00 AM

Facebook users are aware of the suffocating control the platform exerted over the Covid narrative. The Silicon Valley giant became a fact-checker, an unaccountable arbiter of truth, a manipulator of public discourse, and a gatekeeper of ‘science’. Its corporate conflict of interest and political preference has been the subject of ongoing and very serious discussions in America – a situation that will no doubt continue to deteriorate as faith in the ‘safe and effective’ messaging collapses.

Having learned nothing from this experience, it was disappointing to find Facebook attaching a new little ‘warning’ label – dressed up as friendly advice – to The Spectator Australia’s posts about the climate debate.

In a recent article titled The UN’s global net zero target isn’t realistic, Facebook decided to add the passive-aggressive comment:

‘See how the average temperature in your area is changing. Explore Climate Science Info.’

What it might as well say is, ‘Wrongthink detected!!! Click here to re-educate yourself on the climate cult’s official rhetoric!’

Clicking on this creepy pop-up takes you to Facebook’s ‘Climate Science Centre’ where they offer you a chance to ‘quiz yourself’ on their propaganda which is followed by a list of debunked fake news facts. (What happened to their fact-checkers, eh?)

After this, you can brand yourself as one of their ideological converts by adding a sticker to your Facebook profile picture (after all, what’s the point of joining a cult if you don’t tell anyone about it?).

The rest of the page is dedicated to signing you up to various ‘climate saving’ behaviours that are actually predatory corporate arrangements – things such as changing to ecars or buying new appliances. They even try to convince you to change your diet.

As far as a religion goes, the climate cult is a pain in the arse.

At least in folklore you have to invite vampires into your house. This garbage barges into your social spaces unannounced and starts converting your children while they’re chatting with their friends.

The Facebook Climate Science Centre has been around since 2021, but it has only recently begun doubling down on its pesky spamming of online posts – almost as if the platform knows that people are bored of Covid hysteria and need something else to panic about.

This sort of behaviour has been called ‘Woke inc.’ by Vivek Ramaswamy, and the ‘Dictatorship of Woke Capital’ by Stephen R. Soukup.

It’s quite funny that Facebook launched this initiative to ‘combat fake news!!!’ and yet the whole thing is nothing but half-baked dogma that falls over the moment it is side-eyed. That said, it is reasonably entertaining to hear it described by Reuters:

‘Facebook on Tuesday launched a climate science information centre to elevate credible sources on climate change, as critics question its role in the spread of misinformation on the issue. Facebook said the project is modelled on its Covid Information Centre, and launched a similar feature last month on voting in preparation for the US elections in November.’

Sounds like editorial meddling if you ask me…

Besides, nearly everything ‘fact-checked’ as true in the Covid Information Centre turned out to be wrong because all of those high-quality ‘experts’ had their assumptions dismembered by a reality-check. Which brings us to the entire point of having a public forum like Facebook – open discussion leads to truth even if that truth hurts the feelings and bank balances of powerful people.

Following Facebook’s ‘what can I do’ tab about climate change leads you straight to the UN ‘ACT NOW!’ campaign of individual action.

It’s quite a creepy campaign that feels awfully like it is trying to radicalise young, impressionable minds with fear – especially the bit where it wants you to download a mobile app to ‘track your habits and see your impact’ which is essentially normalising the presence of a digital stalker in the lives of citizens.

When I say ‘conversion tool’ I mean it. Listen to the language on the UN page.

‘While switching completely overnight is difficult, easing into a plant-based diet by eating more vegetables for a particular meal or day of the week can be a great way to get started. Recruiting family, friends, and colleagues to make the transition more fun and social can also be an effective way to transition.’

And that’s before it gets to the really overt stuff, like the ACT NOW – SPEAK UP! Campaign that says, ‘Climate action is a task for all of us. And it concerns all of us. No one can do it all alone – but we can do it together. That is why we must speak up to get more people to act and push for corporate and political action.’ It also demands that people ‘push corporations and politicians to follow the Paris Agreement’ before sneaking in that little message to ‘shift subsidies from fossil fuel to renewable energy’ (to gift renewables barons billions in public money) and ‘ask city officials to upscale local adaptation plans and join the Race to Resilience’ so the developers and their council mates can cash in too.

All of this is attached to the message ‘silence is violence’ implying that people who simply want to be left alone by all this hysterical and fanatical ideological rot are committing acts of violence. That’s not a passive idea – that is a dangerous one that seeks to pit citizens against each other in an overtly violent manner.

So remember, these little ‘helpful’ messages on Facebook are not random bits of climate info – they are links that send our children down the rabbit hole of an apocalyptic cult that seeks to turn the next generation into a mindless mob of activists working for international corporations and unelected bureaucracies – all of whom have their paws in over a trillion dollars of public money drained from nations around the world.

This is the stuff of nightmares dressed up as virtue.

If your kid came home after getting dragged into an all-consuming cult obsessed with the notion of an imminent apocalypse, you’d call the police and have its leaders arrested. This is that scenario upscaled to frightening proportions.

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