Aboriginal elders from across Australia tell the Labor socialists they do not want a divisive Voice referendum

Mar 24

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

On Wednesday I was proud to host at Parliament House 22 Aboriginal leaders and community members from right across the country.

They travelled far, some of them for two days, just to get to Canberra and have their voices heard.

This delegation of proud Australians, which was organised by the Fair Australia ‘no’ campaign, met with Nationals Leaders David Littleproud and Senator Bridget McKenzie.

They met with Leader of the Coalition Peter Dutton, and with Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians Julian Leeser.

They met with countless Senators and Representatives from the Nationals, the Liberals, One Nation, the UAP and a few independents who all went out of their way to speak with the delegation and hear their voices.

But where was the Prime Minister?

Where was the Minister for Indigenous Australians?

Where was anyone from the Labor Party?

They didn’t have time for these voices.

Why? Because these voices weren’t saying what the Labor Party wanted to hear.

These voices don’t support Labor’s Voice. These voices don’t support constitutional division. These voices don’t want a dangerous undermining of our equality.

You can see what they had to say here:

And a day after ignoring 22 voices that travelled days to get to Canberra, Albo unveiled his plan for the Voice referendum.

At the very first opportunity to show that the so-called voice will not ride roughshod over the Government, they folded.

Despite the internal division, despite the legal concerns, despite the community concerns, they capitulated.

One thing is clear after Albo’s announcement – the activists are running the show, and if the rule book of the country is changed, we can expect only more of this.

Albo doesn’t want to listen to the Voices of all Aboriginal Australians, he wants to give his city-based mates a free run over the government of the day.

He’s made it abundantly clear, he doesn’t want REAL change, he doesn’t care about the REAL problems, and that’s why we all have to say NO to Labor’s divisive, dangerous and costly Voice.

Yours for REAL solutions,

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Senator for the Northern Territory

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