Pesutto has doomed the Victorian Liberal Party

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Declan Mansfield

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Declan Mansfield

21 March 2023

10:56 AM

The Liberal Party is doomed. It doesn’t exist anymore. That’s the only way to understand the decision by John Pesutto, the Victorian Liberal Party leader, to expel MP Moira Deeming from the party for alleged links to neo-Nazis. It means that the Liberal Party is led by some of the most stupid and ill-informed people in Australia. (The Woke revolution of the last decade has flown right over their smug, unintelligent heads.)

The Liberal Party, to be clear, are being played like fools by the international hard left, who are busy implementing strategies worldwide whose ambition is to circumvent liberal democracy and overthrow capitalism. John Pesutto and the Victorian Liberal Party leadership have fallen for one of the most crass and transparent tactics of the woke, left-wing playbook. It’s so simple a tactic that it would not be mentioned in a pamphlet titled ‘Woke 101’ because the woke themselves would be embarrassed to draw attention to something so unsophisticated. It’s either that or the Victorian Liberal Party has succumbed to entryism, where its ideological opponents have managed to take over the party and are destroying it from within.

The behaviour of the transgender activists at the Let Women Speak event in Melbourne, which featured Moira Deeming, was a prima facie example of politically inspired theatre. Their behaviour was not designed to speak truth, criticise a political opponent, or inform the public, but to create a false narrative about ordinary women, whose views shouldn’t, according to these fanatics, be heard by anyone. It was censorship by obfuscation and lies, but it could not have occurred without the credulity of the police service of Victoria, who allowed masked men (the women thought they were Antifa), into a cordoned-off area. Ironically, the trans activists, who were hurling abuse at the women and attacking police horses, did not utter a word when the masked men stood nearby and raised their arms in a Nazi salute, which is a curious reaction from people who scream abuse and call everyone who disagrees with their ideology bigots, trash or, think about this, fascists.

To be clear, and I shouldn’t need to say this, the ‘neo-Nazis’ had no affiliation with the organisers of the event and they were not endorsed by any of the women (and men) present; moreover, the political views of the masked men, if they were genuine neo-Nazis, are the antithesis of what the people who attended the rally believe, which are about the threats to women’s rights from transgender ideology. To state that the women are Nazis is an outright lie, and it is beneath the dignity of anyone who represents a centrist, mainstream political party in Australia to repeat this calumny.

For anyone who doesn’t know the background to this controversy, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull is an English woman who believes, as everyone did until about five minutes ago, that biology exists, and that transgender ideology is based on illogical premises that, when brought into the sunlight, collapse under the gaze of common sense and logic. Keen-Minshull believes that people cannot change sex, and that, to quote her own words, a woman is an ‘adult human female’. That’s the entirety of her controversial beliefs and it is the impulse behind her activism. No neo-Nazis, Klu Klux Klan, Black Lives Matter, National Socialists, Extinction Rebellion, Bolsheviks, Red Army Faction, Fascists, or anyone even as satirically cartoonishly extreme as ‘Wolfie’ Smith from the sitcom ‘Citizen Smith’, (whose half-witted activist catchcry was ‘Freedom for Tooting’), is linked to her publicly funded organisation, which is avowedly apolitical. The aim of her project is to bring public attention to the simple truth that transgender ideology is detrimental to the rights of women and girls. To further this aim, Keen-Minshull organises public speaking engagements called Let Women Speak. She holds these events in different countries around the world. In March it was Australia’s turn.

One problem, though, about how the events are organised, which was exploited by radical transgender activists, is that for the Let Women Speak events to be as democratic and open to the public as possible, everyone is allowed to articulate their views. Nobody is vetted before they’re given a microphone, which means that both the eloquent and the dull have a platform to speak. It also, unfortunately, allows bad actors to manipulate the events to their own advantage, especially by creating controversy and feeding the media’s appetite for sensation. Rather than accurately portraying the views of the speakers, the media, though, as usual, reported the most repellently visual image of the Melbourne event, which was staged by Woke activists, and tarred everyone with guilt by association. The fact that the ‘neo-Nazis’ were probably not fascists, (and, as I’ve said, were probably Woke infiltrators), and did not reflect the opinions of the organisers or the people attending the event, didn’t matter to the media, or the Liberal Party. A non-existent controversy was invented out of thin air, which is doubly ironic because Let Women Speak represents probably the most anodyne political ideology in history. Advocating for lebensraum, the genocide of the Jews, and the invasion of Poland, is not part of its manifesto.

Here’s a tip for the Liberal Party and the centrists in political parties around the world, whether they sit to the left or the right on the political spectrum – read Beautiful Trouble, which is a handbook for modern-day Woke activism. It’s all there. Every deceitful, immoral tactic and strategy is explained in explicit detail. I’ve argued before that woke ideology has a surface-level beatific face, which hides its unpleasant aspects subterraneously below sight. It’s similar to an iceberg. You can see what’s above the water, but the danger lies below out of sight. It’s past time that politicians understood how Woke ideology, whether it’s Critical Race Theory, postmodernism, queer theory, 21st century Marxism, or most likely, all of the above combined, hoodwinks people into agreeing to the most illiberal policy agendas and destroys public figures who have committed no crime and whose views are perfectly aligned with the mainstream. Moira Deeming is not a Nazi and the leadership of the Victorian Liberal Party are either knaves or fools.

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