Why is CASA changing health guidelines for pilots?

Mar 6

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

By Lyndesy Symonds

We know the real numbers are concealed and ‘tidied up’, so they must be large indeed to break surface in the Big Jew msmedia. Yes the Gate Keeper Honkers like Tucker Carlson must initiate the controlled release of disclosure if the CoVID Regime is to retain control of the Official Narrative on the subject of : pilots and fight attendants having ‘cardiac events’ (including arrests) ‘in flight’.

So how is it even possible this type of thing is now: ‘a thing’. Given the health standards of the aviation industry this is on par with grade school kids playing sport and having heart attacks and strokes. But insurance actuaries (who deal with real numbers) are now having to change some fine print on the risks of air travel.

The true Jedi senses a disturbance in The Force.

These factoids must now be acknowledged in an appropriate way and the public mind must be guided [programmed] to process them as unrelated Black Swan events. The Gate Keepers of CoVID Correctness have become concerned that compliant sheeple getting used to the New CoVID Normal might start to wonder. Could it be The Vaxx?

See embedded Tucker Carlson video.

Cue the Big Jew msmedia Whorejobs to start the yada yada in the opeds. Get the bovines on the goy plantation to chew some cud. Gee Whiz. What about those pilots and flight attendants? What could it be? Perhaps climate change is adversely affecting them? All that carbon those jets spew into the atmosphere can not be a good thing for Mother Earth. Actually, this would be a good topic for that smirking turd Waleed to address on The Project. Let’s talk about it WHILE CASA CHANGES THE HEALTH GUIDELINES FOR PILOTS.

Cairns News wonders what the Qantas gay leprechaun has to say about this?

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