Couple Builds Dreamy Chicken Coop For Their Backyard Flock

by: Lauren Kochanowski
September 22, 2021

source: Facebook/Ashley Hunt

If you’re lucky enough to own some land or live somewhere that allows backyard chickens, you are extremely fortunate! Raising chickens is a very rewarding experience, not to mention the fresh eggs you’ll constantly be provided with. Back in the spring, Ashley Hunt and her husband decided to venture into the wonderful world of raising chickens, and their resulting chicken coop is so beautiful, I think I could actually live there!

source: Facebook/Ashley Hunt

The couple just recently finished their chicken coop, which includes both an inside and outdoor section protected by chicken wire.

The inside of the coop features brooding boxes, as well as roosting perches. And of course, high vents for proper airflow. There is also a genius poop box covered with chicken wire which makes scooping out the coop much easier.

source: Facebook/Ashley Hunt

There’s even a small nook inside the coop for storing feed and coop cleaning supplies.

source: Facebook/Ashley Hunt

The outdoor section of the coop allows the chickens to roam around in more space, and also contains a feeder and water container. The steel oval container is for dust baths – an important part of how chickens keep themselves clean and free of mites!

source: Facebook/Ashley Hunt

The automatic watering barrel ensures the chickens always have a fresh supply of water.

source: Facebook/Ashley Hunt

And of course, the entire outside of the coop is decorated perfectly for fall!

source: Facebook/Ashley Hunt

We started raising chickens this year as well, but our coop is unfortunately nowhere near as nice as Ashley’s. However, it’s given me some great inspiration for designing a coop that’s just as functional as it is beautiful – great work Ashley (and her husband)! I’m sure their chickens absolutely love it.


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