Crimestoppers wants to know if you told anyone you got terribly sick from mRNA jab

Feb 18

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

By Lyndesy Symonds

Deputy Commissioner Linford is obviously from the same gestation pod on the Mother Ship as Jacinda ‘the gov’t is your source of truth’ Ardern. Jacinda has now vacated the premises but like the mRNA spike protein, it turns out she is self replicating.

The Big Q Police now want to know if you are hearing any ‘conspiracy theories’ about the CoVID 19 Vaxx. In the mind of government CoVID Correctness, the ‘religiously motivated extremism’ and ‘other extremisms’ that CrimeStoppers wants to know about are becoming morphed into a Wieambilla Christian Terrorist narrative. Linford is keeping us informed of these developments.

If the old ladies at the piety shop giving people prayer cards on Sunday are talking about members of the congregation hospitalized from the vaxx and you should overhear it: call CrimeStoppers. Seriously.

The Australian CoVID Regime and its Correctness Enforcement is using the media to brand associate ‘anti-government, anti-police and CoVID vaxx conspiracy theories’ in the minds of the dobber and snitcher cohort they are recruiting. Gotta to keep our community ‘CoVID Safe’. Now the religious extremists are among those folk CoVID Enforcement wants to know about.

From the development of the Official Narrative so far, I think we have a pretty good idea about how broad this category is. They are not talking about an ‘Alluhu Akbar’ event at a Nordic DIY Homewares shop where someone gets beheaded with a machete in the DIY furniture assembly section [Reported in Big Jew msm as a stress-out with Nordic DIY products]. Everyone knows the infernal Swedes spend those long winters devising ways to stress out religious demographics with low impulse control and death to the infidel mandates. In Australia this is our idea of ‘religious extremism’. But no….

Dob in a CoVID Denier has gone viral

Dob in a Covid Denier. That’s where Australia is at now.#COVID19

— XYZ (@itsyourxyz) December 24, 2022

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