A voice of sanity after the hate speech by Qld Police vilifying all Christians

Feb 18

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

By Ron Chapman

I agree that the Khazarian Mafia aka the Talmudists who call themselves “Jews” but are not, have been the demonic controllers of our world and cause the dystopia in which we live.

In Oz the Talmudists appear to have worked through the Masonic filth but of course they have now infiltrated and dominate Roman Catholicism and virtually all religious and cultural control structures and our governments.

Does Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Tracy Linford support the killing of nine month-old babies which is the policy of her corporate employers? She obviously doesn’t like God by her recent anti-Christian speech.

This massacre fits the mould.
Deputy Queensland Police Commissioner Tracy Linford alleges that three individuals gunned down by police at their home on a bush block miles from anywhere “acted as an autonomous cell and executed a planned attack directed at police” at Wieambilla in December2022. Apart from killing two Police officers that “autonomous terror cell” apparently also caused the death of a neighbour.

The Commissioner in charge of the Queensland Police corporation, Katarina Carroll, said on 14/12/22 that Police will investigate whether officers were lured to a remote Queensland property to be killed in a shooting rampage along with a neighbour. She also said:
“We’re definitely investigating every avenue, whether it be premeditated, some of the stuff that’s online from these people. We will investigate what they have been doing not only in recent weeks, but in recent years, who have they been interacting with, family, friends, their online presence”.

The Police narrative is that:
Four armed officers had gone to the remote property to investigate a report about Nathaniel Train going missing from New South Wales in October whereat they came under fire.

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb [Another female – this time in charge of the NSW Police corporation in the most populous Australian state] said Nathaniel Train had been reported missing to Walgett police, in the state’s north west, but she did not say by whom. She also alleged that: Those officers were responding to a routine job. “They were ambushed and they were executed”.
THAT prejudges the event and prejudices the public’s perception of it as well as any coronial inquiry.

Moreover, Webb also said “specifics” of the missing person’s TIP-OFF would form a large part of the investigation. Why was the term TIP-OFF used if this was just a routine missing person inquiry?

As with Port Arthur, WACO, Ruby Ridge and all the other such events, the only information given to the general population comes from the Queensland and NSW’s armed state security corporations, suitably distorted and embellished by the MSM.

We’re told that it is customary to send four officers to rural locales to check on missing persons and that the officers were happy and jovial. WHY are we told that? Is the Queensland Policing corporation so well staffed that it can routinely send four armed and happy Police officers into the bush on routine inquiries?

The few available objective facts appear to be that at least two of the now dead occupants of the rural dwelling had lost their jobs as experienced educators because they refused to allow government health authorities to inject them with unknown experimental substances: an action tantamount to rape.

Two months after this massacre there’s no real information as to the nature and cause of injuries inflicted on the two brothers and the wife of one of them or how or why what appears to have been a ‘shootout’ occurred. Rather we get a lot of libellous assertions about the allegedly dangerous Christian beliefs of the dead civilians by senior Police spokeswomen who allege that they BELIEVE that the three civilians killed by Police were Christian terrorists who were “anti vaccination” and hence anti-government. Given that at least two of them lost their employment because they refused to accept the jabs (that are incorrectly called vaccines since they don’t prevent any illness), that seems reasonable but it doesn’t make them murderous terrorists. The experience of Ned Kelly and his mother comes to mind.

The Police also assert that the civilians they killed at their rural residence in the bush were Christian extremist ideologues who falsely believed that Christ Jesus will return to the Earth and provide peace and prosperity. There is nothing extreme about that belief. Apart from the fact that many, many Christians believe it, it is also true. Jesus returned with Christ Michael Aton, the God of this universe, in the 1950s when the Urantia Book got published.

Since 1987 they have been overseeing the activities of the Global Alliance that is currently eliminating the Khazarian Mafia and its minions and enablers globally. Once Russia cleans up the Ukraine and the current Talmudic monetary system collapses, Trump, Putin, Xi and the BRICS+ will usher in a new global monetary system in which every national Treasury will emit interest free money and income taxation will cease. That will signal the start of the New Millennium and abundance for all.

Needless to say, all Australian governments and their various corporate organs like Police forces, will be abolished and the Talmudists and their lackeys running those corporations will be appropriately dealt with.
Good times are just around the corner Pilgrims!

Peace and Blessings,

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