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Boosters boosting profits

Rebecca Weisser

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Rebecca Weisser

11 February 2023

9:00 AM

No doubt Bill Gates knows more about computer viruses than human viruses but he knows that both can be a source of profit, and while he is no medical expert he certainly knows how to make money. His strategy is simple. He invests early in a new technology, gushes about its potential, and then, as the media hype boosts the market, he quietly sells at the top afterwards admitting the product might not be that good after all. He did it with the company ‘Beyond Meat’, quietly cashing out at the top of the market before its share price crashed. Now, he’s done it with BioNTech, investing in the company in September 2019, when its share price was just $18 and selling most of his shares two years later at the peak of their market valuation in September 2021 for around $300 a share making a cool $242 million in tax-free profit.

Perhaps Gates had a psychic intuition that a bioengineered bat coronavirus was going to escape from a laboratory in Wuhan in a month or two. He and his friend Klaus Schwab spent 2019 planning for just such an eventuality. The Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum sponsored Event 201, a pandemic simulation run by the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security in October 2019, in which a bat coronavirus is transmitted to humans via an animal beginning with the letter P, not pangolins but pigs. The virus in the simulation is like Sars but more infectious, almost as if a scientist had inserted a 12-nucleotide furin cleavage site into a Sars-like bat coronavirus. The simulation ended after 18-months with 65 million deaths, a scary death toll to galvanise bureaucrats to wield draconian powers.

In real life, when a more infectious Sars-like virus leaked out of a lab in Wuhan fewer than 1.6 million died globally in the first nine months, a toll that would have been lower if early treatment had not been banned, the elderly had not been sedated and put on respirators until they died, and antibiotics had been used to treat bacterial chest infections in people who had Covid. Deaths have increased since the supposedly life-saving vaccines were injected into almost 70 per cent of the global population with 5.25 million dying over the next two years.

Gates investment in mRNA technology dated back to January 2016, when his foundation made a grant of $20 million to Moderna ‘to develop a new affordable combination of messenger RNA-based antibody therapeutics’ which could grow to a total $100 million commitment towards the development of additional mRNA-based treatments and vaccines for various infectious diseases.

In January 2021, Gates gushed that, ‘everyone who takes the vaccine is not just protecting themselves, but reducing their transmission to other people and allowing society to get back to normal’. But in November 2021, once he sold more than 85 per cent of his BioNTech shares, Gates suddenly felt free to criticise the Covid vaccines saying, ‘We didn’t have vaccines that blocked transmission’. Visiting Australia this year, he reiterated that the vaccines were ‘not infection-blocking’, ‘not broad, so when new variants come up you lose protection, and they have very short duration, particularly in the people who matter, which are old people’. Yet he never once spoke up against vaccine mandates which were justified on the basis that they reduced transmission.

No doubt Gates’ silence was appreciated by Pfizer which earned revenue of $100 billion in 2022 and turned a profit of $31 billion. Sadly for Pfizer, it projects a decline in revenue in 2023 of up to a third. But it hasn’t given up hope that scary new variants  – aka scariants  – might renew demand. Pfizer executive Jordon Trishton Walker, who apparently leads research and development for mRNA projects, told an undercover journalist from investigative news bureau Project Veritas that Pfizer is (or is thinking of) mutating viruses to assist in its development of future vaccines and that this was probably how the pandemic started. He admitted this on what he thought was a hot date, but turned out to be a hot microphone. When confronted with his taped comments, he claimed he had been lying to impress the date.

If you think there is more than psychic intuition to Gates’s sponsored simulations the most recent one was held last October and called Catastrophic Contagion. The next one which supposedly starts in 2025 and runs for three years is blamed not on dangerous gain-of-function research by scientists working in cahoots with vaccine manufacturers but on Christian missionaries. So while it was ‘racist’ to talk about the Wuhan flu, this virus is dubbed the St Paul Acute Respiratory syndrome. Naturally, it’s more dangerous, and pregnant women and children are most at risk.

Gates uses the money generated by his foundation to buy influence at the World Health Organisation where it is the largest non-state donor. This January, the WHO wrapped up negotiations on amendments to the International Health Regulations governing how states respond to public health emergencies. If passed in May by the World Health Assembly, the decision-making body of the WHO, the amendments will give the director-general unfettered power to declare a ‘public health emergency of international concern’ and during such an emergency, his policy diktats will be legally-binding on states. Thus, Australia’s policy on the detention of individuals, restriction of travel, compulsory health interventions such as testing, inoculation and medical examinations, and restrictions on freedom of speech would be set by Red Tedros Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian Marxist. What could possibly go wrong? It seems absurd, yet all of Australia’s mainstream parties endorsed such authoritarian policies during the pandemic that it is far from unthinkable.

Already, Maria Van Kerkhove, lead author of the WHO’s report in February of 2020 which advised the world to copy China’s Wuhan lockdown, said last week that 100 per cent of individuals over 60 or who are immunocompromised must be boosted for Covid. Yes, boosted with the vaccine that even Mr Gates admits doesn’t stop transmission, doesn’t protect against variants and gives vanishingly short protection to the elderly. Of course, even if the vaccine doesn’t boost immunity in people, it will boost profits for the vaccine manufacturers and nowadays that’s all that seems to count.

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