Labor, Liberal new surveillance technology will monitor vaxx-induced car accidents across Queensland

Jan 4

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Queensland Labor, innovators in surveillance technology

Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey says he is investigating more ways of catching drivers, whom he assumes are all criminals because he has no drivers licence and can’t drive a car, so he wants to catch them doing something contrary to road rules policy.

What better way than to place the all seeing eyes in a roadside tree then he could observe the terrible spate of single vehicle accidents and others coinciding with the 2021 rollout of Covid mRNA vaxxes among the state’s population.

According to US and Australian commercial pilots the vaxx has nearly destroyed the aviation industry making fling unsafe with vaxxed pilots.

Why would car driving be any different? There have been many hundreds of inexplicable car accidents nation-wide since the vaxx started and if in doubt just look at the stats for athletes suddenly dropping like stones from a medical event.

Queensland has recorded its deadliest year on the roads since 2012, with 299 lives lost in 12 months.

Motorbike rider deaths across the state last year were up 45 per cent on the five-year average, while 12 lives were lost due to driving through floodwaters.

Labor Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey

Queensland’s Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey said while there was a dip in fatalities in 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen those figures trend upwards.

“The pandemic has been a new challenge on putting stress and pressure on people in many different ways, and we’ve seen some of that play out on our roads.”

Mr Bailey said there had also been a spike in deaths in regional Queensland that needed to be addressed.

Every day we see videos or read accounts of vaxxed victims falling off the perch. The same goes for drivers Mr Bailey but you can’t undo the damage your Labor lot did to the people of Queensland with mRNA gene therapy. -contributed

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