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The bastards of Australia’s pandemic tyranny

Rowan Dean

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Rowan Dean

23 August 2022

7:00 AM

The behaviour demonstrated by political leaders and public health officials within Western democracies will linger to their eternal shame. There will be a bookmark wedged in 2020 to ensure we never forget the hysteria and demonising of the so-called filthy, disgusting, dirty unvaccinated underclass.

‘The virus hunts down the unvaccinated,’ said Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, while justifying what amounted to house arrest.

‘Life will be miserable without being vaccinated. You won’t be able to hide. You won’t be able to get a doctor to sign off that you got an exclusion [to the mandate] because there are quite set rules on that and doctors will be audited to see [if they were valid]. Every one of their exclusions will be looked at very carefully. They’ll get fined. They’ll get struck off,’ said Dr Chris Perry, of the Australian Medical Association.

You bastards.

This is how Australian governments and their ‘expert’ advisers decided to treat citizens during Covid. The insults, slurs, and fear-mongering was frequently interspersed between physical assaults on ordinary citizens by over-zealous police. These citizens committed great crimes – such as sitting alone on park benches, exercising their right to peaceful protest, or ‘liking’ posts on Facebook contrary to the government’s authoritative opinion.

We have seen thousands of people either quit in protest or lose their jobs because of vaccine mandates. Brave airline pilots. Police men and women. Nurses. Doctors. Any number of people from a wide variety of companies whose workers were demonised long after state mandates were dropped. They were expelled from their employment for daring to question the legitimacy of vaccine mandates or simply for exercising what is their inalienable right to decide, in consultation with their doctor, what to stick in their body.


I was, I believe, one of the very first people in the Australian media to speak out against mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports during Covid. For that, I was labelled a granny killer and all sorts of other grotesque insults. Two years on, how has the Covid ‘science’ held up? It seems the science that was used to justify the denial of basic citizen rights and allowed health officials to appear on national TV and actively encourage society at large to treat the unvaccinated like lepers is crumbling…

Did we really need to beat peaceful protesters? Pepper spray grannies? Shoot at crowds full of families with pepper rounds and tear gas?

At the time of the despicable overreach by the Victorian Police, I – and many others – queried the claim that vaccination prevented transmission. It was a claim made by all the politicians and health authorities to varying degrees. Science, in this case, was presented as an unquestionable absolute and it has since been thoroughly debunked as – dare we say it – fake news.

Talking about legitimate protesters and dissenters on everything from masks to lockdowns and mandates, Victoria’s ‘sexy pin-up boy’ chief medical officer of Brett Sutton suggested they were all mentally ill: ‘They are literally in a fantasy world. So, if they have taken mandated vaccination as a hook, so be it. Let’s not pretend that these are otherwise rational individuals. They are absolutely whacky.’ That insult, coming from a chief medical officer, essentially demonised normal everyday people.

It is strange for a government to insist allegedly free citizens refrain from questioning a health mandate for a technology that is, even two years on, in its infancy. Did the last few thousand years of medical history skip Brett Sutton? Have we learned nothing from previous scandals and failed trials? Questioning is healthy. Censorship is not.

As the months drag on, the health advice continues to be questioned. Groups of medical professionals are forming to oppose the gag orders placed upon their industry that demand they ignore statistical fact in favour of government health orders.

A few weeks ago, former federal chief health officer Nick Coatsworth – one of the few actually worth listening to – called for vaccine mandates to be ditched. Last week, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in America announced it would no longer distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. This is the same mob who spent the last two years screeching about ‘the pandemic of the unvaccinated’ – another falsity that has quietly dropped out of print without apology or retraction.

I have repeatedly called for a Royal Commission into the abuse of power during Covid. In my opinion, an apology is not nearly good enough. The key question we must answer regards why both the federal and state governments ignored perfectly good and time-honoured health measures. All the norms of reason were abandoned, not only in Australia, but around the world.

If it is discovered that there have been abuses of power – and as far as I’m concerned, there most certainly were – then individuals must be held to account. If that means a spell at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, so be it. Perhaps it’s time to give Covid lockdowns a whole new meaning for our politicians and bureaucrats…

Last Friday, I saw a newspaper headline that filled me with anger, sorrow, disbelief, and absolute fury. Lockdown feared to have killed more than Covid and the sub-head, Virus fatalities outstripped by other excess deaths as medics call figures ‘terrifying’. The story was not hidden away in some conspiracy theory website, but rather straddled the front page of the UK Daily Telegraph.

The article points out that over a thousand people above the seasonal average are dying each week in Britain – and not because of Covid. Their Department of Health fears that these excess mortalities are linked to cancers and other diseases that went undiagnosed during lockdowns. It is a phenomenon replicated in other nations and we wait to see if it happens here.

While myself, and others, were raising these legitimate concerns, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison was too busy rushing around inventing idiocies like National Cabinet at the same time as he was secretly dis-empowering his ministers by swearing himself into every portfolio under the sun.

As I revealed on Outsiders last Sunday, I spoke off the record to a Coalition minister during the early days of Covid who told me that they, and others, within Cabinet were appalled by the way Scott Morrison had removed them from the critical decision-making process – instead choosing to hand power to the state premiers. And look what they did with it.

Australians should be furious about what they were put through. Of all the politicians around the world, almost none can hold their heads high.

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Comment by Nelle-Indeed and still to this day i refuse to go to a doctor or heaven forbid I need a hospital for fear of what they covertly will do-as is my right i refuse the vax for a number of reasons -one it is not necessary (when have we ever taken a vax for a cold and this virus is similar to a cold) but also it is poisonous and people who take it should live in fear of their lives

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