And as Australians wake up, it is beyond certain that there will be a new emergency.

You would have heard the Churchill quote “never let a good crisis go to waste”.  It’s Machiavellian cynicism. Literally, it was Machiavelli who was first attributed with the phrase “never waste the opportunity offered by a good crisis”. For some, it means making the best of a bad situation, but to our activist media and broken bureaucracy, it means “any time’s a good time to push an agenda”. An emergency naturally introduces an urgency, giving cover to those seeking to implement policies which are not in our best interest. And there are few better crisis opportunities than a global pandemic, an “emergency” that’s lasted nearly three years. Unfortunately for us, we have too many who have proven themselves to be incapable of sorting fact from fiction. Sadly, I fear that trend will continue. Leaders do not cower in fear of a negative headline. But the wilful ignorance of some, too scared of what the activist media might say about them, has left our great country weak, hoodwinked and at the mercy of ideology and activism.  A media and bureaucratic class who seek to serve not the Australian people, but their own self-interest. Australians have been forced to accept policies that work against our own interest. We’ve been forced to take their word for it while they push through their own agenda under the guise of an “emergency response” in the “public interest”.  And as Australians wake up, it is beyond certain that there will be a new emergency.  We must be vigilant and alert to the “emergency” con, it’s worked for them before, they’ll try it again soon.  It could be another health outbreak or more of the self-inflicted energy crisis hitting Australians so hard.  Perhaps it will just be the ol’ reliable Climate Change – the emergency that keeps on giving – and the ensuing energy, food and economic emergencies that necessarily follow. Those who seek to push their own agenda and tear down everything we stand for will continue to weaponise emergencies to achieve their own goals.  Every crisis is an opportunity to erode your freedoms. Don’t fall for it, beware the weaponisation of the emergency. Yours faithfully,  Alex Antic
Liberal Senator for South Australia  
About   Senator Alex Antic is a Liberal Senator representing South Australia in the Federal Parliament.   Connect

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