Was the election rigged?


Hello Everyone,
The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has released figures (see table below) showing that one quarter of Australians who are enrolled to vote did not turn up to vote.  This means over four million Australians decided not to vote in a country where voting is compulsory. It is the highest number of people who have failed to turn out for voting since 1922.
Additionally, of the people who did turn out to vote, the AEC would have us believe that across the country over 5% cast informal votes, with informal in New South Wales alone over 7%.   Two left-wing media outlets – the Guardian and the ABC – reported exit poll results from pre-poll polling booths saying the UAP had received more than 25% of the vote in New South Wales and a swing of more than 15% towards us in Victoria.   The party has video evidence from a number of sources showing AEC officers removing large numbers of ballot boxes in vans which, in breach of the law, were taken to their private residences. Moreover, our party has been flooded with serious complaints of improper occurrences on Election Day and have been contacted by other parties who have experienced a whole range of anomalies requiring investigation.
STATENUM VOTERSTURNOUTPERCENTAGESWING NSW 5,472,469 4,340,003 79.31 -12.85VIC4,344,208 3,303,653 76.05 -16.57QLD 3,503,6092,613,938 74.61 -16.61 WA1,773,969
1,281,601 72.24 -17.81 SA 1,272,047 972,569 76.46 -16.61 TAS 402,331 332,606 82.67 -11.67 ACT 314,329 263,420 83.80 -9.35 NT145,938 97,045 66.50 -11.44 TOTAL17,228,900 13,204,835 76.64 -15.25 
Anthony Albanese was sworn in as Prime Minister, together with his interim ministry, before any writs had been returned or any final result of any seat was known. Never in Australian history has a new Prime Minister been sworn in so quickly after Election Day. This is truly unexplainable and means the Coalition and the Australian Labor party were working together to maintain the status quo in Australia. It’s easy to conclude that our democracy is dead. However, we must remember the words of a great man who once said; “Governments may come and go, but ideas go on forever.” I want to personally thank each and every one of you for joining our party. We have a high resolve to pursue the things we believe in, so each and every Australian can be all that they can be and that freedom returns to our country. Thanks for everything you have done at this election. With this letter there are two videos – one of my speech at the National Press Club in 2014 and an appearance on Q&A when I highlighted the issues and concerns regarding the AEC and the integrity of the elections it conducts in Australia.
CLICK HERE for the National Press Club videoCLICK HERE for the Q&A video It is worth noting that following the 2103 election, the AEC lost over 1500 ballot papers in a recount after our Senator Dio Wang was elected to Parliament, forcing a new election to be called. At that re-election, our party received 17% of the primary vote and Dio was officially elected again to the Senate giving us the balance of power in the country. The whole process resulted in the Australian Electoral Officer in Western Australia resigning in disgrace. The actions of the AEC at the 2022 Federal Election are much more serious and their published figures relating to voter turnout and informal votes is simply not believable.
We’ll keep you updated. God Bless Australia, Clive Palmer

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