Take rattlesnake venom instead

Apr 14

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

by Lyndsey Symonds

For those who got the mandated CoVID injections and those who were / susceptible to the transmission of those patented, biotech spike proteins – this snake venom information explains the 40% increase in code-1 heart attacks, respiratory issues, chest pains.

Snake venoms decompose blood. Some make it coagulative (microclots, thromboses). Some make it hemorrhagic.

These Nazguls probably have used both types of venom. So we have seen the spike proteins that cause blood to coagulate throughout the ciruculation. New zombie vaxxes will probably have the hemorrhagic varieties – you know like bleeding from every orifice. That’ll scare the sheeple back to the doctors. So for that stuff – which will be transmissible from the vaxxed – I think I will take rattlesnake venom in homeopathic potency 200C. Crotaus Horridus 200C.

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