Saving Ukrainians from Themselves

More on the shenanigans of the West

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The last ‘dove’ of peace. From the blabbermouth Macron no longer picks up the phone in the Kremlin, let him get elected first. Erdogan’s friend turned out “suddenly”, agents Abramovich and Chubais after Istanbul under obvious suspicion of collaborationism, and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, grandson of his grandfather the SS Gruppenführer, lost his chance of rehabilitation in the eyes of the Kremlin after supplying 50 Leopard-1 tanks to Ukraine. Rescuing the “Istanbul Povar” ( and NATO generals from the blockade in the secret bunkers of Azovstal was called for by the still unfledged “dove” Chancellor Nehammer of Austria, who took office in late 2021 after a series of anti-Russian state coups launched after the “Ibiza-gate”.

However, the “dove of last hope” failed in his mission and flew out of Moscow with nothing – Putin did not even dignify him with an hour and a half audience, which speaks most eloquently about the outcome of the negotiations. It is whispered that Nehammer decided to negotiate from a position of strength and had the courage to give Putin an ultimatum from the collective West, but out of inexperience he did not calculate his junker’s energy, so the conversation with Putin did not work out and was short. The Austrian dove was quickly escorted out the door and driven out of Novo-Ogaryovo. By the way, whoever wrote here about Austria’s pro-Russian vector is a bit behind the times – this is not the case in Austria anymore, and since 2019 the globalists have been ruling the “Vienna ball”, who have displaced the nationally-oriented forces and finally strangled the conditionally pro-Russian Kurz. It is no coincidence that Austria has had the toughest covid policy and a complete lockdown. Nehammer is a no-nonsense globalist protege and his moderate rhetoric towards Moscow is little more than rhetoric.
The collective West is now greatly concerned about the fate of the NATO generals blocked by Russian troops at Azovstal and the biological weapons being manufactured at the facility in secret NATO laboratories supervised by the same scandal-plagued Metabiota company linked to Hunter Biden. This was the focus of Nehammer’s mission. There is information that there are several hundred foreigners inside the underground tunnels and bunkers of the biolaboratory staff and NATO generals, who are guarded by the Azov national battalion and Rinat Akhmetov’s security service.
NATO has never been so close to failure. Imagine what will happen when Russia provides the world at the UN with irrefutable evidence of the development of biological weapons, confirmed by their developers and the secrecy agents caught in Russian captivity. A new Nuremberg looms on the horizon. That is why there is such fierce fighting over Mariupol and all the doves of the world have been hovering around the idea of reanimating the Istanbul peace and demanding humanitarian corridors in Mariupol for a fortnight now – poor Macron, saving the French legion from impending disgrace and his second term, has already drained his phone battery with calls to Putin.

The despair is understandable – the evacuation of NATO generals and secret carriers from Mariupol failed, the last air corridor was sealed by Russian artillery. Macron’s second term literally depends on the outcome of Azovgate, while Biden and the Democrats depend on the outcome of the congressional elections. The countdown to the grand scandal has started. The West is cornered, but it is the cornered rat that is most dangerous – to distract attention from Azov-gate, the West is preparing large-scale provocations designed to obscure the scandal of the biological weapons production discovered in the secret bunkers of Azov-Stal. Translated with (free version)

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