The Brumbies of Tantangara

The Brumbies of Tantangara 💕How anyone can hurt these magical creatures is beyond me!!

Captured by Erin Meally


Portrait of a Brumby – Part I ~

with liquid eyes and dancing hooves, I for one envy their wild souls and courageous hearts..➡️ Ever since I was a little girl it was my dream to see the Brumbies of the Snowy Mountains, and on my second trip down, they again did not disappoint ❤The Stallions were fat, glossy and healthy.Some grazed the open plains with dozens of mares and foals, while others kept their group small, preferring to stay in the high country, no doubt away from man and their vehicles. The Mares stood guard over their sun drunk foals, heads down grazing, eyes watchful and tails flicking away like metronomes, attempting to clear away horse flys the size of small helicopters.The grazing was good, both on the open plains and amongst the snow gum on the higher ground. I spent many an evening watching the brumbies come down to the waters edge, the herd to drink and the foals and yearlings to play. There were small bachelor groups of colts who were just starting out on their own, away from the herds watchful eyes, full of curiosity and the pep for life. They spent their days playfighting and carefully eyeing off the mares in the herds, planning for the day they would have their own little herd following along behind them. There is a sense of peace when watching our wild brumbies. It is nature in all her perfection. They don’t seek to complicate matters, their lives are about survival and procreation, and they do nothing by halves. ** You perhaps will have heard/read at some point about the Brumby culling, and while I do not wish to say much on this topic (my point was to provide pictures, not personal opinions), I will say that I absolutely abhor the method in which it is done, and I call on the National Parks/State Government to find a better way to manage the Brumby population. As is always the way, when nature interferes with humans, nature is always the loser. I hope you enjoy the pictures, you may also enjoy reading the accompanying text which will explain a little about what you’re looking at

THE BRUMBY DIARIES 🐴📝✨ Portrait of a Brumby – Part II

once ran free upon a land,

guided by instincts that were harnessed by none. I belonged to no one but mother nature

and she alone was responsible for my fate.

Now, I do not feel safe.I am displaced,\I do not recognise my home anymore.

I am watched, and disturbed,hunted and harmed

.Yet, my heart is immense,and I still recognise the goodness in some.

My eyes will see it in your bodies language,and I will feel it in the tips of my ears,

just as surely as I will sense others danger.

I can see it and I can feel it,and it is because of this

That I will trust you. 📝© Erin Meally 2022📷© Captured by Erin Meally 2022

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I am interested in writing short stories for my pleasure and my family's but although I have published four family books I will not go down that path again but still want what I write out there so I will see how this goes

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