Dont blame it on The Brumbies

Maree Sura  · 817lt35mt5Sc5p6n16sdafh  ·

In Memory of Brett and his Wild Brumbies

© Maree Sura

Sixteen Brumbies, torn from wild places in Kosciuszko National Park.

From New South Wales they travelled to South Australia so far away from their home.

Gone were the mountains, that they grew up in with the familiar wet mist that hung in the air.

Gone were the cold nights, when in the morning they found, that the ground had been dusted with snow.

Gone was the call of the Dingo, as he howled to his mate,while hunting for food.

Their minds were in total confusion for they no longer knew where they were.

As they stepped out of the truck, they spied an Oak,its branches reached out,

to shelter them all and the leaves softly whispered in a man’s voice.“Welcome home: Welcome home.”

The Oak extended no pressure, he didn’t ask for more than they wanted to give.

He gave them safety, food, and shelter,beneath his widespread limbs.

Respect, love and trust, began to grow between the Stallions and the Oak.

But all too soon, they saw the Oak was ailing his green leaves fell, like falling rain.

Sixteen beautiful wild Stallions, who still had so much to learn.

Who would take these wonderful horses on?

The word went out on the wire, that sixteen Stallions needed a home.

That’s when SABA came to the rescue,and gave each Brumby a home.

Photo credit: Sally Brinkworth

May be an image of horse and outdoors

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