Does the World Economic Forum promote paedophilia?

After a recent NewsPunch article was attacked by so-called “fact-checkers” for being baseless, Nation First decided to investigate what the World Economic Forum’s stance on paedophilia actually was. What we found was disturbing. World Economic Forum says the only way to “save humanity” is to unleash the pedophiles Friday, January 06, 2023 by: Ethan HuffTags:Continue reading “Does the World Economic Forum promote paedophilia?”

60 Minutes denies global pedo cult it once exposed as ABC beats denial drum

Mar 23 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews ABC’s Paul Barry on his Media Watch show, throwing cold water on reports of SRA. Below: Ian Leslie back in 1989 with his explosive report on SRA. By TONY MOBILIFONITISTHIRTY-two years ago, 60 Minutes journalist Ian Leslie reported on a British girl who was trapped for 12 years inContinue reading “60 Minutes denies global pedo cult it once exposed as ABC beats denial drum”

South Australia’s lodge elite need to own up to cult connections

Mar 6 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews Crime investigator Shaun Attwood with Rachel Vaughan, daughter of the protected pedophile child abuser and murderer, intelligence operative, the late Allan Maxwell McIntyre (below). By TONY MOBILIFONITISSOUTH Australia’s “pillars of society”, the Grand Lodge freemasons, need to clean house, that is deal with their historical links to the state’sContinue reading “South Australia’s lodge elite need to own up to cult connections”

Do Freemasons and Fabians still rule the roost?

Dec 23 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews -contributed Freemasonic control of police forces has been around for a long time. In Australia and the UK many of the police hierarchy are members of a Freemasonic Lodge. In 1961 the first Queensland Police Lodge was formed in Brisbane with more than 80 active police officers meeting toContinue reading “Do Freemasons and Fabians still rule the roost?”

By The Real Truth Network

This is very important, so please take a moment to read so you know what has been happening behind the scenes. Evidently monies to fund the child trafficking tunnels came from US Taxpayers through the Cabal-owned IRS/Federal Reserve System. An inside source said, “They spent trillions of dollars on these tunnels… that’s where the trillionsContinue reading “By The Real Truth Network”


VIPs like Allan Jones sent love letters to boys. He and other VIP paedophiles were never prosecuted. Did you ever watch Young Talent Time? Some of our highest politicians and most influential people are connected. Warning contains content some people could find offensive. AUSTRALIAN PEDOPHILE RING EXPOSED; AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT August 2nd, 2020 Awake Goy PEDOPHILEContinue reading “AUSTRALIAN VIP PAEDOPHILE RING”


Trapped inside (Part 3): AHPRA protects alleged sex offenders By Fiona Barnett | 3 November 2014, 2:00pm | 9 comments | 7,262 | After Fiona Barnett was bullied out of her Bond University psychology course, health regulator AHPRA treated her case with a curious mixture of incredible incompetence and callous contempt. Trapped inside Australia’s vast childContinue reading “Health”


Trapped inside (Part 2): Bond University exposed By Fiona Barnett | 20 July 2014, 11:30am | 15 comments | 37,563 | Bond Uni has been in the news recently with criminologist lecturer Professor Paul Wilson facing court on child abuse charges. Former student Fiona Barnett says the rot at the University goes deep. Trapped insideContinue reading “Crime”