Senators disappear from Chamber when Covid vaxx inquiry vote needed

Date: May 27, 2023Author: Editor, cairnsnews 5 Comments

Letters to the Editor

The way MPs run from the room when one of the 6 politicians who question the plandemic pose a question, I’d say all the Senators also know.
I voiced my opinion of how unsafe I thought the vax was with most of my extended family. If someone in my family dies suddenly, I will be tempted to hand myself into a Police Station and ask if they can investigate the matter as a possible murder. I feel partially responsible because I was not capable of clearly explaining how dangerous was the mandated poison given the evidence I’d read.
You say your brother-in-law died in mid 2019, I am sorry to hear of your loss. That a Coroner was called seems to indicate his death was unexpected. One question comes to mind, was he recently vaxxed? I don’t need an answer to that question. My thinking is that mRNA tech was existing at that time (*2017 Moderna*).
Autopsies are key to exposing the global genocide. I recently watched a Club Grubbery video where host Graham Hood mentioned he might interview a vax injured man who described his own blood as ‘mud’. Does anyone in the world believe the surgeons, doctors and nurses treating the vaxxed are oblivious to the unnatural color of blood & viscosity in some of the vaxxed?

*2017 Moderna*
‘Lavishly funded Moderna hits safety problems in bold bid to revolutionize medicine’
https: //
“Yet Moderna could not make its therapy work [mRNA], former employees and collaborators said. The safe dose was too weak, and repeat injections of a dose strong enough to be effective had troubling effects on the liver in animal studies. . . We have a chance to transform medicine, and we won’t quit until we are done and we have impacted patients.”
“Impacted”, one way to describe deliberated death, disability & disease.

Re the 30-29 vote, it seems orchestrated, but by who?

From Jamie


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