Hypocritical ALP, Greens senators who stopped the Covid vaxx inquiry

Date: May 27, 2023Author: Editor, cairnsnews 6 Comments

Letter to the Editor

29 Politicians were prepared to investigate the cause of excess deaths, to be confronted with testimonies and to give opportunity for Australians who are looking for answers.

So who are the 30 who care less?

Penny Allman-Payne (Greens) was a past Unionist, Activist, Lawyer and High School Teacher.
As late as this month she is quoted as saying, “we are here to genuinely help the people in our Communities and to keep fighting for those in crisis” (housing)

Don Farrell (Labor) “enjoys working in his Clare Valley Vineyard, spending time with his 3 daughters and doting on his grandchildren”.

Labor senator, Big Pharma stooge, horrible hypocrite and ABC apologist Sue Lines allegedly accused former PM Morrison of having “blood on his hands” in relation to one death in mandatory detention. She voted against an inquiry. Who got to her?

Sue Lines (Labor) past Union Organiser and School Teacher allegedly accused ex PM Morrison previously of having “blood on his hands” in relation to one death in mandatory detention.

Helen Polley (Labor) has “spent her life fighting for the rights of (working) people and has always been of the view that Labor is about making life better for people, whoever they are…”

Jana Stewart (Labor) First Nations woman and Mother of two children with… “an unwavering commitment to children and families, a firm belief in the power and importance of Community, and deeply held feeling of responsibility to do everything she can to advocate for others”
She replaced Kimberley Kitching who died unexpectantly in March 2022 from a heart attack.

Tim Ayres (Labor) a previous Trade Union Official with the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU). He spent 24 years “representing the interests of workers across a variety of sectors including manufacturing, defence, food processing, aviation and metal industries”.
He believes in standing up for “(workers) rights”.

Mehreen Faruqi (Greens) Immigrant from Pakistan and first Muslim woman to sit in an Australian Parliament. “Introduced the first ever bill to decriminalise abortion in NSW” while being an “outspoken advocate for animal welfare”. Her portfolio includes ‘global justice’.
Representing the Greens in the Senate “to hold the major parties to account and make sure we strive for a compassionate and kind Society….”

Jenny McAllister (Labor) was previously Shadow Minister for Communities and the prevention of Family Violence. “Climate Change and Environmental Management (now) remain her key areas of interest”.

Louise Pratt (Labor) Has key policy interests including (among others)….human rights”.
Has been known to say “real leaders don’t just wash their hands of serious problems and say that’s got nothing to do with me. They take a stand”.
But that was in relation to gay conversion therapy.

Anne Urquhart (Labor) started her working life as a factory worker eventually becoming President of the Manufacturing Workers Union in Tasmania. In more recent times, she has advocated for extra funding for Mental Health services in Tasmania “to ensure those affected (from other tragedies) get the support they need”….

Carol Brown previously held a role as Shadow Minister for Disabilities and Carers but is now focused on road safety and life saving acoustic vehicle alerting systems in new light electric vehicles.

Katy Gallagher (Labor) “has dedicated her working life to improving the lives of (Canberrans), whether it was advocating for people with a disability…(or) standing up for the rights of public servants…”
She “scrutinised the Government’s Pandemic response as Chair of the COVID Committee…has been a champion of accountability and integrity.…”
One of her roles is as Minister for Women. (healthy ones?)

Malarndirri McCarthy (Labor) Assistant Minister for Indigenous Health secured at least $25 million for First Nations Health clinics and infrastructure. Keen to increase uptake in Youth HPV vaccines for Aboriginals.

Janet Rice (Greens) lost her own transgender wife suddenly (pre covid) in 2019. It has been stated by her party that she is “committed to being a strong voice for a caring Society…”

Jess Walsh (Labor) “wants our Country to face the challenges of the future with optimism and hope”.

Anthony Chisholm (Labor) “is passionate about ensuring affordable healthcare…is available for all…”

Nita Green (Cairns based Labor) was “vaccinated against Covid while heavily pregnant (herself) in a bid to encourage other expectant Mothers to do the same”. “Ultimately the TGA had made the decision that this was safe for pregnant women”. The announcement of her new daughter with wife Lacy came in March 2022 after “rounds of IVF and a miscarriage in late 2020”.

Nick McKim (Greens) “is an advocate for humane and compassionate approach….(towards people seeking asylum)”. He is also fighting for better protection for human rights (but in relation to immigration).

Anthony Sheldon (Labor) started his working life as a cleaner eventually becoming National Secretary of the Transport Workers Union. In the Senate he has “spearheaded enquiries into the impact of Covid on the aviation industry…”
In his inaugural speech he is noted to have said that “I’m in this place to speak up for dignity, good work and rewarding jobs, for decent wages and safe conditions and for long term employment that allows you to get a mortgage and provide for your family with certainty – the pathway to economic freedom”….(so long as you are not sick?)

Larissa Waters (Greens) is “passionate about representative democracy, public participation…and accountability in Government…”

Raff Ciccone (Labor) has himself experienced the “emotional whirlwind” of a wife diagnosed with a life threatening illness. “Surgeries, drug trials, Doctor visits, tests and scans…”

Karen Grogan (Labor) faced her own lived crisis as a single Mother on a sole parent pension. She believes in a “more just and fair Society” and has spent her life “fighting to achieve exactly that”.
She believes in the “value of each and every South Australian”.

Fatima Payman (Labor), an Australia Muslim with cultural roots to Afghanistan lost her Dad to leukaemia in 2018. She has put up her hand to “represent people like her Dad and other hard working Australians, striving to make ends meet and giving life their best shot…”

David Shoebridge (Greens) is committed to “putting people…(and the planet) at the centre” of his politics…

Peter Whish-Wilson (Greens) previous banker, wine grower and now surfer, is focused on all things ocean (not so much people).
Dorinda Cox (Greens) an ex policewoman and a family violence survivor hopes to be the ‘beacon’ for other First Nations Women” to create their own journey (to positions in Parliament). Her focus is more on missing and murdered First Nations people. (obviously not those caused by malfeasance)

Sarah Hanson-Young (Greens) graduate of the WEF young Global leaders program. She would like to “give a voice to those who are too often forgotten in Canberra”….(just not in relation to Covid)

Barbara Pocock (Greens) has spent her life “fighting for the rights of women”….in safety, gender pay, and childcare. (but not so much in health).

Jordan Steele-John (Greens) A disability rights advocate with cerebal palsy himself….is “committed to listening to the Community and prioritising their needs…”

Linda White (Labor) believes that “Labor Governments can change peoples lives for the better”.

What can I say?
All talk.
Bunch of hypocrites.

I don’t know, how hard can it be?
Labor and Greens…

From Dandy


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