Sisters of St Elizabeth Convent

If you are celebrating on the same day as us, we wish you a happy Feast of the Holy Ascension of our Lord!

St. Nicholas (Velimirović) of Serbia once shared a remarkable thought with his spiritual child who asked, “How did the Lord ascend from earth to Heaven?”

“Everything that we need to know about the Ascension is written in the Gospel: “While He blessed them, He parted from them and was carried up into heaven.” (Luke 24:51).

The Lord blessed the people as He was ascending to Heaven, thus revealing to us great practical wisdom: we can only ascend to Heaven in spirit while blessing our neighbor.

In blessing, we exalt ourselves, but we bring ourselves down in cursing others. It is what we give that we receive. When we bless, we receive a blessing; and when we curse, we receive a curse.

This makes blessing others an indispensable condition for our spiritual ascension.”

We would also like to share with you these words of our beloved confessor Father Andrey Lemeshonok, and we hope that they will bring you spiritual comfort:
P. S. In this magnificent time of spiritual joy and the blossoming of all living things, we invite you to send us your prayer notes for the health of you and your loved ones (please click on the banner below).

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