Gender Studies Runs Amok in Lavatories

Bella d’Abrera

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Bella d’Abrera

25 May 2023

6:59 PM

The University of Sydney’s decision to provide men with sanitary products in the men’s toilets is exactly what happens when radical gender theory breaks free from its chains and is unleashed on everyday life.

The fiction that anyone can menstruate comes straight out of the feverish imaginations of the woke academics who inhabit Gender Studies Departments. Sydney’s, it seems, is particularly vigorous.  According to its gender studies activists, majoring in their chosen field will give students the special ability to think ‘beyond common-sense ideas about what it means to be male or female, and to recognise instead the many different ways that people embody and experience gender’.

In other words, by the time you complete your three years of Gender Studies, you will join the ranks of the elite who have special knowledge of how the world works. You will be an expert in all things gender, set apart from the knuckle dragging hoi polloi who are blindly wallowing about in the murky delusion that there is a biological difference between men and women.

Achieving this elite status is a gradual process. First year students start with the rudimentary question ‘Are there really only two genders?’ in a subject entitled ‘Sex, Gender, Culture.’ In their second year, students are asked ‘How are bodily life and social worlds intertwined?’ Thankfully, help with this question comes in the form of ‘feminist and other perspectives’ which will ‘explore various body practices, such as dance, cosmetic surgery, nudism, work cultures and eating.’

By the third year, climate change and Marxism are thrown into the mix.  In a subject called ‘Nature, Culture, Power’ students will employ ‘feminist, decolonising, and multispecies frameworks to explore our contemporary environmental crisis.’ They will ‘draw on examples such as climate change, toxic contamination, resource extraction, and biodiversity loss’ to examine the ‘material and conceptual links between human and non-human natures, and cultural, political, economic and social forces.’

Becoming one of the enlightened members of society is, however, no easy task. The department warns that going down the Gender studies pathway is one of the ‘most intellectually challenging and socially important areas of enquiry in the Humanities and Social Sciences.’  Indeed, the amount of brain power it takes to suspend reason and deny objective reality is incredibly intellectually challenging.

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