Voice not needed – native title has already claimed most land

Date: May 20, 2023Author: Editor, cairnsnews 6 Comments

Letter to the Editor

I bet when Albo finds out what has happened in the Bungle Bungle national park he will be thinking out loud, the caravan  park purchased by Twiggy & Nicola Forrest has not opened this dry season due to delays by the traditional owners, they formed a corporation late last year to represent native title acts in the park, Environment minister  Reece Whitby hopes an outcome can be reached quickly,  So if Anthony Albanese thinks that the changes he wants will be just a moderate change he is bloody dreaming.

Wimmera region Victoria

How many people around your area have been impacted by these native title holders, I can say here in our area we have lost Mt Arapiles renown for one of the  best mountain climbing places in the world that bring in countless overseas climbers into the area,  this has now  dwindled to just a hand full each year, and the Wimmera has lost millions of dollars in revenue,  the best climbs have been closed simply because of Artifacts and sacred ground in and around the rocks.

We have seen a major highway  (Melbourne to Adelaide) being closed between  Ballarat and Ararat for around three years because of a supposed birthing tree found in the area, and for those three years we have been paying security guards to protect this tree in case it’s vandalised.

We have seen the Black Waters billabong in the Barrabool national park ( a great fishing place in its time) being fenced off so visitors cannot visit the area. Simply because a skeleton was found in the sand hills nearby,  ( 2 kilometres from the water hole)

 Then we had a contractor doing his bit to beautify a local lake by putting a gravel path around it, only to be told the lake was a sacred meeting place and he could only work whilst someone from the aboriginal heritage group was on site, and you guess what happened there, they turned up whenever they felt like it making a relatively easy task become almost impossible.

And Albo thinks this will be only a moderate change .  This alone gets up every country Victorians nose and should the yes vote gets up It will be a lot worse and don’t fool yourself, we will pay.

From A. Reader,


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