So, Aborigines were not the first people in Australia. Someone is trying to sell us “porky pies’.

This post isn’t meant to upset anyone, but regarding “pre Cook” Australian history, this was massive news to me…

There’s a reference in the “Atlas of Foreign Countries”, (written between 265 – 316 A.D.) where Chinese sea Captains describe the mysterious great south land (Australia) being inhabited by a race of one-metre-tall pygmies.

In the 1400’s and 1500’s, Dutch and Portuguese sailors sighting the Western Australian coastline noted “tall natives in warfare chasing and killing hordes of “little” native peoples”.

Frank and Alexander Jardine who settled Cape York circa 1860, recorded that they witnessed the little Negritos being hunted down like kangaroos by the taller aborigines.

There were 3 major migrations to Australia, including pygmies who came via the land bridge from New Guinea and they were examined in Nth Qld in 1938:

…Tindale and Birdsell examined and measured 52 adults and children at Cape Grafton and 95 at Kuranda.

Most adult males were between 140 and 150 centimeters tall (four feet six inches to five feet). The women were shorter by 15 to 30 centimeters (six to twelve inches).

Tindale and Birdsell concluded they were not just small but were radically unlike any other Aborigines in Australia. They named them Barrineans, after nearby Lake Barrine.

Tindale later said:

Their small size, tightly curled hair, child-like faces, peculiarities in their tooth dimensions and their blood groupings showed that they were different from other Australian Aborigines and had a strong strain of Negrito in them. Their faces bore unmistakable resemblances to those of the now extinct Tasmanians, as shown by photographs and plaster casts of the last of those people….…/the-extinction-of-the-australian

DNA shows Aborigines are from India:

Present day Aborigines came here from India 4,000 to 5,000 years ago and their DNA proves it.

They’re more likely the third and could even be the tenth race to have lived here.

Fossils show Aborigines have only been here for the same time as the Dingo (Indian Jackals) that were pets of the invading race.

So its incorrect for activists to claim:

– Aborigines were the “first people” to have lived here;

– or that they’ve been here for 65,000 years (used to claim Land Rights).

Of course these facts indicate that governments have hidden the truth from us and we’ve been lied to for decades.

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