“No One Died of or Even With COVID, Because It’s a Fictitious Disease.”

By Dr. Michael Yeadon, May 17, 2023

When I led respiratory and allergy research at Pfizer (1995-2011) I recall noticing that Zithromax (azithromycin) was an antibiotic with, iirc, 90% of scripts directed towards suspected chest infections.

The commercial franchises were a law unto themselves and there was no expectation of contact between research (R&D) and commercial. Another bad behavior dot joined. It was said that “there was no evidence of clinical benefit” (from the prescription of Zithromax in acute exacerbations of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease aka bronchitis or smokers lung). But it’s been approved so how could there be “no evidence”?

Well, in clinical trials for new antibiotics, the control group are given whatever is then standard-of-care. The goal isn’t to see if the new drug “works”, merely that it’s not inferior to the SOC. The clinical trials then get designed with that endpoint in mind. It turns out ironically that they definitely did work. How do we know that? Well, during the alleged viral pandemic, general practitioners were guided not to prescribe antibiotics for “covid19”.

There was a 50% fall in antibiotic prescriptions for chest infections. Deaths in the community soared, overwhelmed by easily-treated bacterial infections. The death certificates read “covid19”, an imaginary disease.

Remember, somebody or a group thought these death-dealing ruses up. The other principal two were in hospital, inappropriate and injurious mechanical ventilation plus iv remdesivir, a renal toxin, which together killed almost every patient treated thus, and in care homes, a contraindicated combination of sedative midazolam and respiratory depression promoting morphine which, with inadequate monitoring, lead to huge numbers of deaths. Again, death certificates read “covid19”.

No one died of or even with covid, because it’s a fictitious disease. Just look at the appalling contrivances necessary to produce “Covid deaths”. Lethal mistreatment in hospitals, care homes and the community. Someone or some group thought these up & then morally flaccid senior doctors within the country medical associations pushed these “treatment paradigms” onto the medical “profession”.

Anyone arguing against these “treatment guidelines” was admonished and warned off a repeat performance. I know several doctors previously in hospitals or in the general practitioner network who wouldn’t stay quiet. They were dismissed. No mainstream media did anything other than to parrot the covid19 deaths count every day.

There’s not s shadow of a doubt in my mind that lots of medics knew that these “treatment guidelines” were medical madness. Some but not all nurses worked it out. Even some non medical PhDs knew these were wrong and would very often result in the avoidable death of the unsuspecting patient or resident.

This is, time and again, medical murder, aka plain murder.

Please share.

Everything I’ve written is documented in numerous places by a growing group of people.

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