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The Spectator Australia

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The Spectator Australia

6 May 2023

9:00 AM

This magazine supports our constitutional monarchy and thus naturally delights in the spectacle of the coronation. Our constitutional monarchy, the by-product of the extraordinary and unique colonisation of this continent some two centuries ago, has served all Australians extremely well, ensuring strong and stable government, with which has come peace and prosperity.

Only a fool would tamper with such an arrangement, whereby the head of our constitution has no partisan political power. Only a fool – or indeed a politician. As David Flint constantly reminds us, the Australian Republican Movement in cahoots with the Labor party and numerous bed-wetting Liberals are determined to install what is in all but name a ‘politicians’ republic’, one which places even more unfettered power in the hands of the elites. The Australian people rejected such a proposition outright in 1999 and they will reject it again if it is put to them in an honest and forthright manner.

Which, alas it will not be.

We are already witnessing, in relation to this year’s forthcoming referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, the bag of tricks that the proponents of this massive re-making of our democratic system of government are prepared to employ in order to get their own way. Apart from the disgraceful demonising by the ABC and the left-leaning media of anyone who dares support the No proposition, the efforts at a political and bureaucratic level by Canberra to prevent a proper No campaign being run are of themselves reason enough to vote against it. Simply out of the time-honoured Aussie suspicion that if the elites want this thing so badly, there must be something seriously dodgy about it.

The Voice referendum is all part and parcel of the well-prepared plan to ditch our constitutional monarchy in favour of some grotesquerie that will disenfranchise the average working man and woman and entrench elitist left-wing power across all levels of government.

The fusion of the Voice and ‘the’ republic are well underway. Simply listen to any edition of the ABC’s Q&A and you will be reliably informed that racism is at the core of this nation and the royal family are responsible for untold horrors inflicted upon indigenous Australians in years gone by. Ipso facto, both institutions, the Voice and the republic, are designed to redress the sins of the past and eradicate ‘white supremacy’ and ‘white privilege’. The one will literally support the other. It’s London to a brick that if the Voice does get passed in the referendum, one of its first actions (along with a ‘treaty’, ‘truth-telling’ and so on) will be to insist that the British colonial entity known as the monarchy be booted from these shores.

Hence King Charles making the foolish comment to Prime Minister Albanese about wondering whether he would even be welcome to visit Australia.

This belief on the part of our monarch that he is not welcome in our land is what happens when the king spends too much time listening to the beliefs of the modern aristocracy – the left-wing elites – rather than heeding the views and concerns of the average working family. It goes without saying that if Charles has been listening to the likes of his former Aussie prime minister Malcolm Turnbull or the current PM, both climate zealots and staunch republicans, he will have a very warped view of the reality down under. Which is another reason King Charles would be well advised to ditch his current enthusiasm for ‘woke’ politics. It means, alas, he is mixing with a very dubious crowd.

We wish King Charles III the very best. But with one warning: if he pursues his woke/climate agenda as King, he will do untold damage to the very institution he now represents and which his loyal Australian subjects, as opposed to their elitist rulers, fervently wish to preserve.

More Snowy

This pushing water uphill malarkey sure ain’t all it’s cracked out to be! Another day and another news headline about what a disaster the Snowy 2.0 scheme is. Now we learn it won’t be ready until at least the end of the decade (it was supposed to be switched on two years ago) and the bill to the taxpayer will be beyond astronomical. Gigantic tunnel-digging machines are apparently wedged deep beneath the mountainous landscape; executives throw in the towel; tunnelling takes years longer than anticipated; the list of woes is longer than a Jindabyne pipeline.

And at the same time we learn that New South Wales electricity prices are soaring by up to 50 per cent thanks to the decision by AGL to close their Liddell power station; a piece of ‘predatory cronyism’ if ever there was one.

The climate cult is wreaking havoc upon the West’s economies. The Liberals must ditch net zero and adopt nuclear energy. Now, please.

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