The Filthy Little Secret That Enables the Global, Criminal, ‘Banking’ Cartel to Control Humanity!

17 March 2023 6 min read

DEBT with compounding interest, where interest is paid upon interest upon interest with little or no possibility of paying back the principle agreed sum. THIS, I believe, is the filthy little secret that enables the criminal, global ‘banking’ cartel and its entities to control humanity.

By Steve Jeffery, Just One Focus - Truth | Mar 17, 2023
[DISCLAIMER: This is my interpretation based on passed experience and analysis of information and events over the last three years both locally and internationally. It is my opinion only. I encourage you not to accept it as the truth, but urge you to do your own research and form your own opinion].

Few people realize that the filthy little secret that enables the criminal, global ‘banking’ cartel and its entities to control humanity is DEBT with compounding interest, where interest is paid upon interest upon interest with little or no possibility of paying back the principle agreed sum. This insidious concept leverages dangerous character flaws and human weakness including but not limited to a lust for power, avarice, narcissism, hubris and a desire for instant gratification. Welcome to the Debt Slaver System.

This debt instrument began with Usury and was practiced for thousands of years by the outlawed Money Lenders who lent at exorbitant and unconscionable interest rates and still practiced today by commercial and retail banks. It is a simple but cruel alternative to the employment of real capital underpinned by real assets and transacted on a measured basis.

However, in 1815 Mayer Amschel Bauer (who changed his name to Rothschild) drove Usury to an even lower level by ignoring the ‘money’ component.

Their ‘Loans’ became nothing more than an unlimited ‘CREDIT CARD’ (as we know it today) with crippling interest commitments that enslaves the borrower over time.

The ‘Lender’ extends no tangible funding (Money) hence no risk to them. However, the borrower e.g. the indebted nation, remains committed to paying the interest with the Cabal’s worthless, illusionary ‘currency’ of the day. The wealth transfer is then completed by converting the worthless paper into real assets in the form of Gold, Silver, Property and other assets of value. This has been a premeditated, fraudulent transfer of wealth and theft on an unimaginable scale.

The Rothschild Usurer (Banking Cartel) entices leaders or wannabe leaders, those devoid of morals and integrity, to embrace on behalf of their country, the unlimited ‘CREDIT CARD’ to fund their grubby, personal and/or political ambitions.

Once committed the ‘Leader’ becomes enslaved by an exponentially increasing mountain of debt, inflicting the resulting poverty, pain and misery on an unwitting population. Where a leader is found to have strength of character and rejects the approach they are displaced and replaced with those who will do the Cartel’s bidding.

Not content with blatantly embezzling the world’s wealth this Satanic Cult then shifts to a position of Control, whereby the pathetic original ‘borrower’, who in time can find no way out of his commitment, is compromised, lured into depraved acts usually involving children or animals. These acts are recorded and the cowardly, selfish individual is forever blackmailed into doing the Cult’s bidding without even the need to promise debt.

This treachery has served the Rothschilds well, with an estimated family net worth in excess of $500 Trillion dollars. Their obscene wealth, our stolen wealth, enabled them to create and control the world’s banking system and the global industrial complexes of Military, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Logistics and Weather Control. Using the same system of Debt and Compromise they have controlled Monarchies, ‘Cabal appointed Governments’, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, NATO and politics at every level.

The debt, slaver ‘banking’ system has again reached the end of its 50-60 year lifecycle and nations are once more saturated with debt and interest that they can no longer repay. This is the point where the Cabal sets the conditions for a reset by provoking war. With people traumatized and panicked they are unable to relate their loss and suffering to the debt system’s treacherous mechanics and insidious intent. War became an effective disguise for the collapse of their system, while at the same time enabling them to once again provide their unlimited ‘Credit Card’ to both sides, looting even more wealth as they reshaped their system unopposed.

Phase One – To effect their current ‘Reset’, the Cult and its many controlled entities including the UN, WEF and WHO have launched a program of total destruction and global depopulation. This time to reshape their debt system into a cashless digital system ensuring that our freedoms and even the minutiae of day to day life is tightly controlled. They also see an opportunity to seize the remainder of the world’s wealth and enslave the survivors of their grotesque genocide.

While failing to achieve its full potential, their global fear campaign and lethal injection program has resulted in the death, injury and suffering of millions if not billions of innocents around the world.

Phase Two – Having successfully brought the global economy to its knees and demoralized millions, they’ve now embarked on a program of civil chaos and destruction including weather warfare and kinetic war. They hope to create shortages and famine and effect a final land grab, the Ukraine being its epicentre. The resulting fear and confusion this creates will, THEY BELIEVE, lead the transition to their One World Government, with a shattered and defeated people willingly embracing “Order Out Of Chaos”.


I believe, that the collapsing financial system that we’re all witnessing is a managed event, orchestrated by a global alliance and underpinned by President Trumps Executive Orders 13818 (Dec 20, 2017) and 13848 (Sept 12, 2018), which will rid the world once and for all of the satanic, slaver debt system.

EO 13818 blocks the property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption. EO 13848 Imposes certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference in a United States election.

I believe that the Cabal’s ‘Plan’ has been successfully scuttled and the WEF (the Cartel’s thugs), largely dismantled. The UN will disintegrate as a result of the collapse along with the EU and NATO.

The statements, strategies and policies in play by the legitimate US President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s President Xi are all aligned to achieve this goal. The first signs of which are the now daily failure of major banks, the domino effect will lead to the disintegration of the corrupt commodities and stock exchanges, ending the reign of the Rothschilds/Black Nobility. We are witnessing the beginning of the end.

I believe that once the collapse is complete and the satanic filth and their system removed, the alliance will introduce a new currency and financial system underpinned by an indescribable fortune of precious metals recovered by the Alliance from the Cartel. This in parallel with reshaping the Constitutions of each participating nation by the people for the people who will then be handed back control of their own destiny.

Time will reveal all…Thank you and God bless you.


Find full copy of Executive Order 13818 Here

[Steve holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and Diploma in Banking and Finance].

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