Horowitz: Why the Battle Against mRNA Mass Vaccination Is Not Over, Despite the End of COVID Measures

“The problem is that Big Pharma and its bagmen at the FDA have no plans to let the human experimentation go. It is too empowering and too profitable.”

In a Senate Health Committee hearing in March, Bernie Sanders accused Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel of “corporate greed” and noted how he became a billionaire overnight “as soon as Moderna started to receive billions of dollars from the federal government.” Sanders is right about what occurred, but of course he obfuscated the fact that it is the pharma fascism of his party that has allowed Bancel to earn billions off the blood of the vaccine-injured. These people are not about to relinquish the same modus operandi of mass vaccination that allowed them to get rich overnight by killing people all over the world. They will only stop when we actively strip them of the legal and monetary authorities given to them.

Some might be tempted to drop the vaccine injury epidemic from the panoply of issues we have to monitor. After all, there is no lack of existential threats to our life, liberty, and property emanating from government. Now that Biden is finally ending the remaining COVID mandates, we might think we can continue our focus on other issues, as if the past three years never occurred. The problem is that Big Pharma and its bagmen at the FDA have no plans to let the human experimentation go. It is too empowering and too profitable. Unless we strip them of their authority to experiment on us with known dangerous technology, they will hit us with the next iteration before the end of the year.

On Tuesday, Pfizer announced it raked in $18.28 billion in revenue, but even with the pandemic long over, close to 40% of the sales came from COVID products, all fully supported by taxpayers. But as COVID revenue declines, CEO Albert Bourla said that he expects an increase in revenue over the next few years from the company’s RSV and flu combo shots. In other words, the money train of universal respiratory viral or mRNA vaccines is too great to let go after such amazing success. They are not done, not by a long shot.

We’ve already reported that Pfizer and GSK’s own trials showed serious problems with their RSV shots for seniors. Yesterday, despite the fact that the CDC’s advisory committee warned GSK’s shot “can overstimulate the immune system,” the FDA approved GSK’s shot. Moderna also has another RSV shot based on the mRNA platform that could receive FDA approval this year. Are we going to allow millions of deaths and injuries to occur with the blood money from taxpayer subsidies without any legal reforms?

Earlier this week, Alex Berenson reported on the clinical trial data from Moderna’s mRNA RSV shot, which the company brags is 83.7% effective. It’s de ja vu all over again. Companies are able to openly report an insane level of adverse events with their own (likely contrived) trial data, yet they will get approved and promoted by the government without regulators batting an eyelash. This already happened with Pfizer and GSK’s RSV shot.

Let’s just take their efficacy data at face value for a moment. Moderna’s numbers show that for each RSV infection prevented, the shot caused 200 side effects, including 10 severe side effects. Among the total participants in the trial, those receiving the vaccine incurred an extra 10,156 side effects, including 455 rated Grade 3 or higher, in return for contracting 46 fewer cases of RSV. What is astounding about this level of risk is that RSV, to begin with, is rarely deadly. Most people over 60, the age of the trial participants, are already at least partially immune to it and wouldn’t get deathly sick. So even if we trust their own data on efficacy and side effects, this shot has a negative risk-benefit profile out of the gate.

Moreover, with zero proven benefit for death and serious illness (so few non-infants die from RSV), it’s hard to believe they are telling the truth about efficacy against cases. Fauci himself co-authored a paper in January conceding that respiratory viral vaccines are not good at conveying immunity and that we are just not there yet. He observed that the challenges for flu and RSV vaccines are “many and complex,” are prone to mutation with “antigenic drift,” and require “outside the box” thinking to “make next-generation vaccines.”

Yet we are to believe that Moderna and Pfizer have already cracked the code with the same faulty technology? Moreover, they are not hiding the fact that these vaccines are going to be annual shots, not once or twice in a lifetime. So you will have to incur the risk every single year.

Despite the slam-dunk case against these shots before they are even out the door, there is no effort in Congress to investigate, much less shut down, the pipeline of endless dangerous and needless vaccines funded and indemnified by the government, despite everything we learned about mRNA and the way the pharma companies developed the COVID shots.

To being with, why are we OK with incurring so many short-term side effects and unknown long-term effects from vaccines for every single respiratory virus that doesn’t need a vaccine and that, Fauci himself admits, are not even that effective? This is not polio and smallpox. Is it really OK to inflame the body with uncontrolled spikes of antibodies in an ever-growing list of jabs for viruses we’ve lived with for so long? Who is to say that all that gain-of-function research to create the vaccines is not going to create more strains of these viruses, just as it did with coronavirus?

These are just some of the questions Congress must ask before signing off on billions more for the vaccine enterprise. And that is before we even delve into mRNA as the platform for many of these future vaccines. What has become self-evident is that the lipid nano particles deliver the mRNA throughout every corner of the body. There is no shutoff switch or modulator, so the mRNA can code your body to produce an unlimited number of proteins at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

Also, aside from the mRNA concerns, the LNPs themselves contain polyethylene glycol. Many people are allergic to PEG, but even those who don’t have a direct allergy are at risk for allergies and inflammation, as PEG is designed to evade your immune system. Pfizer knew about these autoimmune disorders from day one in its infamous Feb. 28, 2021, document of over 1,400 serious categories of adverse events. One known reaction to PEG is antiphospholipid syndrome, an immune disorder that causes blood clots. A mother of one of the victims of vaccine-induced antiphospholipid syndrome was on my podcast last year. Well, it turns out that Pfizer knew about something this rare and permanently debilitating in February 2021!

This is no longer speculation or even experimental. It is all over Pfizer’s own documents from day one, as well as our own government’s pharmacovigilance systems. As early as Nov. 2020 – before a single person got the shot outside clinical trials – the European Medicines Agency raised concerns about this mechanism of action causing autoimmune disorders and requested Pfizer to perform a study. No study was forthcoming, despite everything we now see with ubiquitous and diverse forms of autoimmune disorders.

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