EVICTED from Country, homes and endangered trees destroyed.

Banner image for the campaign
By Deebing Creek Justice

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

On Tuesday 2nd May, massive mashines came and completely levelled the Deebing Creek Protection sites. They smashed down the homes of First Nations’ Protectors, along with all of their possessions before desecrating trees including the sacred and endangered Melaleuca Irbyana, and killing wildlife including the resident python.

The police came in force, before dawn and in the cover of darkness at 4:15am to evict the Protectors while they slept. They forced them from their homes that they have been peacefully occupying and protecting the bones of the Many Nations that are within this Country, surrounding the former Deebing Creek Aboriginal Mission site, for nearly four years.

Protector, Uncle Jody, walked the demolished site trying to salvage what he could from the rubble. … this Weber BBQ, smashed, it was a father’s day gift from my kids… this mangled frypan, it was my mother’s, it’s all I had left…  They said they’d protect our things, this isn’t fair, how is this right?“.

Despite being pushed off Country, their homes destroyed to make way for housing estates by the reckless greed of AV Jennings, they are not giving up. 

The bones of the ancestors are under imminent threat and we are NOT giving up. We are committed to protect country, culture and lay the Old People to rest, but we  need your help to succeed” Aunty Yowie, descendent of those forced through the Mission.

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I am interested in writing short stories for my pleasure and my family's but although I have published four family books I will not go down that path again but still want what I write out there so I will see how this goes

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