A tribute to Diana, the People’s Princess, always loved, sadly missed and who never will be forgotten

Beautiful Diana- Stupid Charles didn’t know who he had married Diana loved him but he was cruel to her mainly because she was so popular and he didn’t like to take a back seat-he took up with the home wrecker who wouldn’t go away even though she had a husband and family-the petulance of Charles drove them apart sent her into the arms of another man but she said she would go back to him if he was so inclined- but that never happened ,divorce instead-she should never have agreed to that because that left her with nothing, nowhere to take he boys for the holidays that is why she ended up on Fayed’s yacht that summer which ended in her death-she was murdered but not by Charles or anyone close to him by that time Charles was regretting what had happened and they had been meeting and had intended to go together to charity events when she come back but when she died he realised that he had loved her- they may have had a future but her pursuing the end of land mines made the forces of darkness move against her-CIA, M16 and French Intelligence combined on that sad night and took our lady away-they were travelling in a car that had been in a crash and her seat belt didn’t work which would have p…, her off as she was a stickler for wearing them- the first doctor on the scene examined her and said she didn’t appear to be badly hurt and had they took her to the hospital over the road there would have been a different outcome- but they waited some hours to get her to hospital and took her to one on the other side of the city-she was never meant to get out of that tunnel alive-if there hadn’t been a divorce she wouldn’t have been in that tunnel and with Charles coming around who knows -it should have been her with Charles and her family not that conniving manipulative Camilla -the demonic plague and the forces of darkness were circulating then and since have grown to the stage of overwhelming us -they are everywhere, in politics, learning institutions and churches and we have been to stupid to see until now when they are out of control

This is the one who should be beside Charles-she was pure class unlike the one he has now

your candle burned out long before your legend ever will”. he was absolutely right it’s almost 2023 and she’s still a legend 2K Reply


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I am interested in writing short stories for my pleasure and my family's but although I have published four family books I will not go down that path again but still want what I write out there so I will see how this goes

2 thoughts on “A tribute to Diana, the People’s Princess, always loved, sadly missed and who never will be forgotten

    1. No I think you are wrong Charles didn’t have a reason to kill her they were divorced but those who were making millions from land mines and she was working to put them out of business-did


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