Referendum Must Fail Spectacularly

The Voice

Peter O’Brien

The wheels are starting to fall off the billy-cart that is the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum proposal.  Recent polling suggests support has fallen below 50 per cent.  Coupled with the now official opposition from the now (somewhat) emboldened Opposition, history would suggest that the best that Voice proponents can hope for is that it limps over the line.

That would be a disaster for Australia.

On the other hand, if it falls apart just short of the line, that would hardly be a result that No advocates could applaud.  Such a result would generate a ‘we wuz robbed’ reaction and engender screams of racism, appeals to international treaties sand possibly even violence.  It would remain a festering sore, and major distraction, in our public discourse for years to come.

This referendum must fail spectacularly.  A big ask I know.  So, we all have to play an active role in promoting the No Case.

We often hear the refrain ’if you don’t understand it, then don’t vote for it’. That is not a valid basis to vote No. That would provide a convenient fig leaf for frustrated Yes voters to argue their ‘we wuz robbed’ case.

What we want is for No voters to be able to say “I voted No because I did understand it’.

That is where my book The Indigenous Voice to Parliament – the No Casepublished by Connor Court comes into play.

I have developed a comprehensive, but short and easy to read compendium of the many reasons to vote No.  My book includes my own arguments as well as some of the major arguments developed by commentators such as Janet Albrechtsen.

I hope many readers will be inspired to purchase the book for their own edification, and also with a view to educating their own circle of relations and acquaintances.

The book will be launched on at 6.00pm Thursday, May 11, at Il Gambero restaurant in Carlton.  The event will be hosted by Roger Franklin, and Tony Thomas will officially launch the book.  Tickets ($6) can be ordered here:

I would love to meet any of our Melbourne-based readers who might be inclined to attend. 

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