A beautiful day today, in a fabulous country. The heat has gone, the sky is blue. So much she needs a steady hand to protect and preserve that gift with which we have been blessed.

‘The Australian Way of Life’… it is truly unique..

The Australian Way of Life

A slogan or a platitude, these words could never be

when lives were forged by brutal wars and love for land and sea.

The people worked, they lived and roamed, from Broome to Bondi Beach

to found a diverse culture that Australian life can teach.


The years conceived the stepping stones, engraved with due regard

for Holden cars, and pies with peas, to cricket in the yard.

Grand names like Bradman, Winx and Wally pealed from every lip

when Aussies traveled, near and far, to nurture fellowship.


The stamp of clime and distance, bound to rural wealth and gold,

with iron, coal and silver, styled the Aussie – brave and bold.

Capricious rainfall teased tough men to gamble, lose, and laugh,

when Mother Nature moved to cut their worldly wealth by half.


A hundred years of servitude to effort, dreams and fate

designed a tower of character old-timers called a ‘mate’.

This mate had proven, over time, to be there, side by side,

when fortune frowned her blackest and persistence turned the tide.


‘The hands that built the Nation’ set fair goals to work toward,

where honest toil and diligence would pay a just reward.

Some found the lessons hard to learn, and some fell by the way

when life dealt hope a fatal blow, and faith was led astray.


A state of mind evolved for those who felt they rated more

from Governments and agencies, from rich and working poor.

This pretext built an attitude of bitterness and spite,

all based on righteous claims they made, when they judged what was right.


Imprudent bids on human rights and social justice claims

have stoked the flames and paved the way for global power games.

The guise of ‘Climate Crisis’ linked with media and ‘News’

provides a perfect platform for these dominating views…


Australians are not who they were a century ago:

and whom they might become in time the Gods alone can know.

Their culture and identities were never cast in stone:

though spirit lives, for men to blend, with mortal blood and bone.


There are free men, of strength and skill, to till the moral ground,

to stabilise democracy and tweak where we are bound.

They have the heart and competence to oversee the course

and change the way the ‘Power Lords’ apply destructive force.


Ross Rolley


‘The hands that built the Nation’ set fair goals to work toward’

Published by Nelle

I am interested in writing short stories for my pleasure and my family's but although I have published four family books I will not go down that path again but still want what I write out there so I will see how this goes

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