Wild Mountain

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My father’s father rode to war

He never spoke of what he saw

Ramrod straight and carved from steel

I never saw him cry

I took him to the mountains wild

He’d not been there since a child

Blue Waterholes down to Long Plain road

He searched the horizon with an eagle eye

We stopped the night off Port Phillip trail

I listened in awe to his mountain tales

But a boy when he left for war

Childhood gone for evermore

The morning light came cool and slow

Plains and valleys cast in eerie glow

A wildling Bay stepped from the swirling mist

Head help high and proud

This is the horse that served me well

He carried me through a living hell

Ancestral blood courses through his veins

I can see it in his eyes

I know it’s not the same brave horse

My Mahogany was abandoned to the sands of course

I left him on that fateful shore

My heart stopped there evermore

The Brumby fixed us with his gaze

My father’s father recalling yonder days

His hands trembled and his voice shook

When the horse walked to his side

Broke so many a soldiers heart

That day, alone, forced to depart

History has not served them well

Now the Brumbies face a living hell

My father’s father cried.

Published by Nelle

I am interested in writing short stories for my pleasure and my family's but although I have published four family books I will not go down that path again but still want what I write out there so I will see how this goes

4 thoughts on “Wild Mountain

  1. Get rid of the politicians, leave the wild horses alone.
    The soldiers could not bring home their horses, that was a huge tragedy, and should never be forgiven.

    The wild brumbies can be traced back to those horses that were left overseas.

    We are proud Australians, proud of what?
    We now show utter disrespect for our heritage and our WW1 soldiers and the memory of their brilliant, couregeous, loyal horses. There is a living memory that politicians are now killing off, a tragedy.


      1. Hi Nelle

        We could get rid of the criminals in the corporation governments if the sheeple would wake, so we could start up more community assemblies, or similar, all across Australia to provide our own community elected reps, by way of completely honest and open community run elections, the elected reps could be recalled if warranted, no career politicians. Then take back our communities from the UN run local corporate governments. Seems like a big ask, there needs to be a big shock to wake the sheeple.

        What you are doing with your site is what I am talking about – right down to a personal level in every stolen community in every area of Australia.



      2. Indeed ron if only we could get through to the many who are blindly going forward into oblivion -Aussies are not known to stand together against an attack -these days the attack is coming from within and they are not grasping that-keeping the faith a situation can change quickly -perhaps Clive Palmer could be the person to implement such as you suggest -he has money and is a patriot


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