Elon Musk: the keys to the cage

Alexandra Marshall

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Alexandra Marshall

18 April 2023

6:00 AM

Liberty is a wild animal: it cannot be domesticated, it refuses to be tamed, and it’ll die if you force it to live within a cage.

The chain by which liberty is led to its holding cell is ‘speech’.

Once the government manages to put a collar on civilisation’s voice, its words and thoughts can be yanked around like a puppy being dragged down the road by Cruella de Vil, who is wearing the skins of her former pets as an outfit that shows less taste than Balenciaga.

This is the abusive environment inhabited by citizens of the West since our quaint cobbled streets went silent and the public forum moved into the digital realm of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Our cheerily rotund town criers have morphed into faceless algorithms while the security measures set up to monitor ‘community safety’ have taken to snatching victims in the night, weeding out the strongest voices from the crowd to ensure society’s conversation remains directionless and incoherent.

And what a noise it is.

Social media has become a roar where domestic politics crashes into the politics of neighbouring nations. Individual countries are capable of reaching a moral consensus on topics – but there will never be a global consensus. It is an argument without end. A permanent conflict that must either dissipate or suffocate the other side. Unfortunately for the Western liberal values of freedom and democracy, there are billions more who favour the prison-planet view of Earth under the red sky of collectivism.

This is a bigger problem than mainstream political commentators understand.

Where the values of the West were once incubated, fed, and subsequently thrived within the British Empire and its rising colonial powers – they are now being actively poisoned by external nations who want to see the people of the West reduced to an idiot mob of mouths that consume. We are baby birds with our feet stuck in the thatch of our nest, pecking at the air for our government parent.

A brief wander through TikTok and the youth it has raised, or even its older cousin Tumblr, reveals a very ill and weak generation that cannot seem to get itself out of the basement, let alone in a position to lead the world. ‘Good citizenship’ has become a banner on their social media profile instead of holding down a job and raising a family. It is a low-effort existence.

Their failure to become adults will eventually mean that Australia becomes infantile.

Some may say, ‘social media is not real life’, but it is raising real people. Not a few – a lot.These under 20s are casting their votes in very real elections. Speak to them. They are the living embodiment of the TikTok app and are already tipping elections and taking control of political institutions.

As one dismayed old-school activist said on Twitter the other day, ‘They can’t formulate an argument. Their brain implodes trying to comprehend different opinions.’

To this I add, you cannot reason with someone who does not understand their own position – let alone yours.

Universities are no longer places of learning, but rather serve as finishing schools for ideological zealots. It would be a very foolish person who maintains an indifference to the power of social media whose offspring are then taken into the frying pan of activism to be seared, crisped up, and served at the banquet. You can call them useful idiots, or snacks, either way – they sustain the upper echelon of society.

I’ve seen this social media generation collapse the entertainment industry and they will do the same to our political system. Look no further than Australia’s Voice to Parliament. The generation that runs around calling everyone a ‘#racist!!!’ is openly advocating for a race-tested, unelected bureaucracy to sit above democracy as a form of historical revenge. Does this sound healthy for a peaceful, stable future?

These individuals genuinely believe that ‘avenging past racism’ will solve alcohol abuse in remote communities. How? They have no idea. There is no evidence that racism is the cause of the problem to begin with. If you push them on the topic and demand to know how a racial bureaucracy can keep a bottle from the lips of an individual a thousand miles away, they simply shout ‘racist!’ and fall silent.

Worse, the youth’s social skills have become so poor that no one can open up a conversation with them to test their views. Any attempt to do so is met with screaming, chanting, drum-beating, and violence.

Compared to today’s activists, the witch-burners were calm and measured. At least they could explain what they were up to and present a case for their manic violence. They were evil, coherent, and devout. We have no such luck with kids raised to believe in apocalyptic death cults and the supremacy of ‘self truth’ over The Truth. Individuals that tie their worldview to ‘feelings’ will remain adrift.

This is not only destructive for civilisation at large, it is a terrible shame and an embarrassment to the legacy of those who fought and died for the very gifts our kids believe to be ‘dangerous’. The sad thing is, they do not fear free speech because it is harmful, but because they are frightened of their own inadequacy to answer questions.

The hill their grandparents died on with truth, freedom, and democracy. Our young are sticking their flags (and there are a lot of those) into dictatorship, identity, and collectivism.

Instead of free-thinking, powerful independent citizens, we have become part-customer, part-product for a fascist digital machine that never sleeps.

Social media weaponised humanity’s love of socialising and found a way to profit from chasing the public from one political outrage to the next – like sheep into a pen where the waiting feed trough is sponsored by Woke brands. Nike in this pen. Bud Light in that one. Gillette in the corner.

People are so used to being barked at that they no longer question where the orders come from – they simply do as they are told, when they’re told. Wear a mask. Buy this product. Go to this rally. Partake in an experiment. Cheer for more tax. Own nothing. Be happy. Eat the bugs. (Or was it ‘the rich’?)

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter represents a fundamental breaking of this well-ordered social prison.

Musk wrestled all the keys off the digital slavers and opened the gates on the pens. The twisting of the keys and clicking of the lock echoed – even in Australia.

He sacked the ‘community safety’ security force and sat back to see what would happen to the former prisoners. There were a few weeks of confusion, marked by period of rage from those who were terrified of unlocked gates (what if the wolves get in?), and others who wandered around in a daze – unaware that they could leave their pens.

It’s been months, and the liberty Musk gifted Twitter has already returned a measure of power to the people. The Covid vaccine narrative was the first victim of free speech, with major Big Pharma companies and government authorities facing a legal backlash against their pandemic actions.

There will be more ideological empires felled by open criticism. Climate Change is losing public confidence, with a general murmur running through the crowd that the apocalypse is nothing more than convenient corporate lies. One day soon, this will turn into shouting and booing until the eco-fascist cult is disbanded.

Another ideology close to unravelling is that of radical gender activism – the sort of ideology that openly attacks biology as ‘fake news’ and creates a new patriarchy where men are once again asserting themselves over women.

Musk himself said: ‘Any parent or doctor who sterilises a child before they are a consenting adult should go to prison for life.’

He has picked up that red flag of collectivist thought and waved it at the bulls, taunting them into the fire of free speech to see if they survive.

Western Civilisation cannot save its children by trying to talk to them. Its pseudo parent – social media – has to be reformed. Musk is doing that. As kids are exposed to free speech on their phones and within their digital safe spaces, the hold of toxic ideology will start to slip. The need to be popular is the strongest force in their lives – and idiocy isn’t popular.

When their ideological positions are mocked and ridiculed, our kids will get the message and finally grow up.

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