Drowning Trump in a sea of fakery, Where’s the rule of law, Merchan?

David Flint The Spectator Australia 15 April 2023

Inspired by the chilling words of Stalin’s secret police mass-murderer, Lavrentiy Beria, ‘Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime’, a number of corrupt US district attorneys are planning to follow Manhattan’s Alvin Bragg and separately arrest Donald Trump on fabricated charges. With most of the mainstream media still acting as their propaganda arm, just as they did when they lied over the ‘laptop from hell’, the DAs’ plan is to drown him in fake prosecutions during the election.

How could the US come to this? As El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele says, the US can no longer criticise banana republics for arresting the main opposition candidate. Using ‘democracy’ in US foreign policy is gone, he says.

Worse, the enemy is rejoicing. America will be at her most vulnerable under the current Manchurian candidate president. Yet this is precisely when the fake indictments are planned.

To understand what is happening, go back to the collapse of the Soviet Union, delivered, without the firing of a shot, by Ronald Reagan, ably assisted by Margaret Thatcher. Sadly, this victory was not followed by the expected long golden age.

Instead, communism has come back in a forceful world-wide pincer movement.

On one side, billionaire communist rulers operate with a crony capitalist class, their way of avoiding the disaster of the Stalinist fully ‘planned’ economy that brought down the USSR.

On the pincer’s other side, within the Western democracies, we’ve seen the re-emergence of what Lenin identified as that ‘infantile disorder, left-wing communism’.

This is manifested in the endorsement of every new, insane dogma which comes in, usually from US universities. Currently these are gender fluidity, race theory, historical fabrication designed to destroy patriotism or climate ‘theory’, designed, it would seem, to destroy Western economies and enrich Beijing.

Just as Lenin didn’t, none of this infantile theory would be tolerated, for a minute, in communist countries. But they’re encouraged in the West because they weaken them, the aim being to turn countries like Australia into weak, meek and obedient tributaries.

Reinforced by a communist intolerance of free speech and with adherents in key positions in education, politics, media and big business, these infantile new dogmas are treated as infallible.

School curriculums are filled with this propaganda. Along with an insistence on failed teaching methods and an absence of proper discipline, the result is a degree of effective illiteracy and innumeracy and an ignorance of history previously unknown.

It is only with this background that we can understand the extraordinary attacks on Donald Trump.

He is the principal enemy of the US fifth column, headed by the Biden family whose principal interest is illicit wealth and who are notorious for the long-term selling of access and influence in Washington to foreign powers, and especially, Beijing.

It was no surprise that news about the indictment allowed the mainstream media to ignore the news that Beijing’s recent balloon was allowed to collect and passed on the intelligence it wanted across the US before it was finally shot down.

Trump is one of the very few American and Western leaders who have the strength to stand up against left-wing communist dogmas pushed in Western countries to undermine them. He was the only significant Western leader to pull out of the destructive Paris climate Accord which could not have been better designed to benefit Beijing.

As mentioned here, the Trump indictment was described by America’s most celebrated constitutional and criminal lawyer, Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, a confirmed Democrat, as the ‘worst abuse of prosecutorial discretion’ he has seen in sixty long years of legal practice.

But until the hearing, we did not know how shocking it was.

What was extraordinary was not so much that the indictment contained 34 counts, one for each document, including cheques. It was as if you were arrested for jaywalking, and the police charged you not once but for each step.

What Bragg alleged is that when lawyer Michael Cohen was reimbursed for sums paid to ‘Stormy’ Daniels, Trump knew this would be recorded as ‘legal expenses’ and this, Bragg cliamed, would constitute a minor offence, a misdemeanour.

But because these must be prosecuted within two years, Bragg had to show something more. Bragg says Trump intended to commit another more serious crime, a felony.

Much of the mainstream media predicted, and several reported, that Trump was also charged with conspiracy. This proved to be yet another mainstream media lie.

The point is Bragg stood for election to ‘get Trump’ funded by communist billionaire George Soros, who spent around $200 million, yet has refused to reveal what is the felony with which Trump is charged.

This demonstrates the principal weakness not of the old English preliminary grand jury, a fine institution, but of the way it is used, or rather misused, in the US. Jurors only hear from one side, the prosecution, never the defence. As they say, it would not be difficult to get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.

But worse than Braggs, is the disgraceful failure of Judge Juan Manuel Merchan to perform his fundamental duty and ensure the accused knew promptly what he was actually being charged with in accordance with Article 9(2) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Merchan surely knows he should never have sat on this case.

He’d previously heard a criminal prosecution against a Trump corporation, imposed a large maximum fine and is accused of railroading a Trump executive into a plea deal. He is hearing a case against Trump adviser Steve Bannon. He is reported to be a donor to Democrat and anti-Republican causes.

With his failure at the trial to perform his fundamental duty, he should now recuse himself. If he did not in any comparable country, he would be removed from the case.

There is an antidote to this depressing story.

It is to hear the steel in the man in Donald Trump’s magnificent address from Mar-a-Lago, ending with those ringing words that ‘we will make America great again’.

That moment will be a turning point for the West.

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